Tolmin, Slovenia



Due to the anti-pandemic measures, and due to the ongoing road works at the festival site, all information stated in this ABC is subject to change at the very last minute.
Although the promoter will inform about any changes via official festival channels, it is kindly advised to check the ABC section regularly. 


There will be an option to withdraw money from an ATM machine, which will be placed inside the festival area, near the Festival Info point. We will do our best to work closely together with the bank providing the ATM machine in order to ensure that the ATM always has enough cash for our visitors’ needs.

The main box office (main festival entrance), located near Hofer shop, is open from:
- Friday, 22.7.2022 till Monday, 25.7.2022 from 08.00 to 23.59 (24/7)
- Tuesday, 26.7.2022 till Friday, 29.7.2022, from 10.00 to 22.00

The side box office (side festival entrance), located near the cemetery, is open from:
- Friday 22.7.2022 till Monday, 25.7.2022, from 08.00 to 22.00

Camp opens on Friday, 22.7.2022, at 08:00 

Camp closes on Saturday, 30.07.2022, at 15:00
Camping is available to festival guests free of charge, but is subject to possession of a valid festival ticket!
Camping & parking areas are divided into 2 different sections:
- parking & camping areas
- camping only.
ATTENTION: due to the ongoing roadworks on the festival site, there will be no parking & camping area in 2022. 
“Silent hours” at the festival camping area are from 03.00 to 08.00, when the campsite area has to be quiet and without any music. Please keep your voices down and be mindful of your friends and neighbours, who are trying to get some rest. Obeying this very strict “silent hours” rule, as written above, is mandatory; we are obliged to remind you that anyone who attempts to disobey this very strict rule will be removed from the festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation.

CAMPING WITH 3-day & 1-day TICKETS (if available)
Included in the ticket price, but possible only until the next morning after the validity - expiration period of the ticket, until 11:00.

ATTENTION: Due to ongoing construction works on the bypass road, Group Camping is not available in 2022. Please ignore the information stated below. 
We are offering you the advanced group camping booking for a minimum of 20 persons per group. The application form will be available soon. 
Please note, that we will keep your group campground reserved only until Sunday, 24.7.2020, till 18:00. After that time, the reserved campground will be open to all guests.
The deadline for Group Camping applications is 1.6.2022!

*Camping is at one's own risk, the festival promoter accepts no responsibility in any case!

For children up to 12 .years of age (12 .years olds included), the entrance is free. Please note, that children can only enter the festival grounds if accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian, who is in possession of a valid MetalDays Festival ticket. Children of all ages are very welcome at our festival, but please act as a responsible parent or legal guardian, and make sure that your children wear sound protection at all times, especially when being close to, or in front of any stages/areas where music is loud! Please also keep in mind that earplugs, the ones continuously used during the festival by adults, are not efficient and sufficient sound protection for those little fragile ears. The only sound protection that should be used is the real sound protectors (headphones). Wearing sound protection as written above is mandatory; so we have to remind you that anyone who attempts to disobey this very strict rule will be removed from the festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation.

ATTENTION: due to the ongoing roadworks on the festival site, there will be changes in Comfort Area offer in 2022. 
The Promoter will inform about all details via all official channels. 

The upgrade includes:
- Access to the VIP area with a direct view of the main stage
- VIP bar
- Indoor toilets
- VIP parking
- Free WiFi
- Access to the festival through Dijaška street (5 min from the city center)
- Comfort area pass is valid from Monday 25.07.2022 till Friday 29.07.2022
Opening times:
Monday, 25.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022, from 12.00 to 01.00
COMFORT AREA map will be available later.

*The Comfort Area upgrade for 2022 is already sold out. Comfort Area upgrades purchased in 2019/2022 roll for 2022 without the need to exchange them.

Every cup (reusable cup, bottle) is subject to a 3€ deposit, which will be charged to your MetalDays PayCard. Every time you order the "first" drink, your MetalDays PayCard will be charged with a 3€ deposit amount. For every following drink purchase, and in case you have your used cup with you, your MetalDays PayCard will not be charged with another deposit. Bar personnel will simply give you a new one with every next drink you order. To get your cup deposit back, you to bring your MetalDays PayCard with you an empty cup to the cup deposit point, where your cup deposit will also be loaded to your MetalDays PayCard. The number of empty cups/containers has to match the number of deposits that your MetalDays PayCard has been charged with, and you can only get the matching amount of cups and cup deposits loaded to your MetalDays PayCard.

In order to obtain your MetalDays wristband, it is mandatory to pay the Garbage Deposit, unless you are not staying in MetalDays camp. As its name says, it is a deposit, which means that you will get the money back once you return full garbage bags to the garbage point. If you are staying in a hotel or an apartment, please take proof of your accommodation with you to the wristband office. If you are staying in a hotel or an apartment and you do not have proof of accommodation with you, you will need to pay a garbage deposit. However, you don’t need to worry, because you will have a whole week to verify that you are not staying at the festival camp. Upon verification, you’ll get your money back and you won’t need to return full garbage bags.

…explained in 5 easy steps:
Step 1. Upon arrival, you will receive your MetalDays PayCard and garbage bags.
Step 2. You have to load your MetalDays PayCard with the max amount of 100€ directly at the Box office.
Step 3. Our personnel is going to deduct 10€ from your MetalDays PayCard for garbage deposit.
Step 4. Return your full garbage bags to one of the garbage points during the festival.
Step 5. Upon returning garbage bags to the garbage points, your garbage will be inspected by our personnel to make sure that proper waste separation was done; if that is the case, your MetalDays PayCard will be loaded with 10€ (garbage deposit).

- Monday, 25.07.2022 till Thursday, 28.07.2022, from 10.00 to 18.00
- Friday, 29.07.2022, from 10:00 till Saturday, 30.07.2022, to 15.00 (24/7)


As many of our regular visitors are already aware, the MetalDays festival is running on a cashless payment system - MetalDays PayCard. Please click here for MetalDays PayCard Terms & Conditions!

Cashier working hours
Sunday, 24.07.2022 till Saturday, 30.07.2020, from 08.00 to 00.00
Monday, 25.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022, from 15.00 to 00.00
Monday, 25.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022, from 10.00 to 02.00
Sunday, 24.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022, from 09.00 to 05.00



Early Arrival is also possible in 2022 from Friday, July 22, 2022, from 08:00.
The price for two days (Friday & Saturday) is 30 €, the price for 1 day (Saturday) is 20 €. Please notice that during the early arrival the production works on the setting up of the festival will still be in progress.
Toilets and showers will be ready for use, as well as a limited offer of food and drinks.
Please understand, and we urge you not to come earlier than necessary because you will not be able to enter the camp before 22.07.2022 at 08:00.
We emphasize that you will have more than enough time to set up your tents and settle in before the concert.

Please be advised that the use of fossil-fuelled generators is not allowed at the festival camping area. Solar electric generators are allowed. You can reserve an electrical plug for the Parking & Camping area. The number of electric outlets is limited to 150, so make sure to reserve yours in time.
Details about electric outlets: Each is 6 amp, and the hook-up fee is 80€ (incl. VAT) for the festival duration. You NEED TO HAVE YOUR OWN CABLE. The power plug & outlet is Type CEE (Type CEE is used in all countries of Europe except for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta).
Upon arrival, please inform our personnel at the box office that you need help with the electrical hook-up. They will give you all the necessary instructions. Hooking up will be done by our technician. You need to show him proof of payment. He will also provide his contact, so you can reach him in case of any issues provide a 230V supply, which can power most of the appliances you might use at home. However, we have restricted supplies, rated at 6A each, so you need to be careful what you use to avoid ‘tripping out’ the system.
Tripping the electrical supply can make you an undesirable person on site. The least you will need to do is contact the site manager to ask him to reset the system. In cases of “extending” your supply to your friends, you will also be responsible for cutting the electricity supply to your friends’ pitches.
Use electricity with care
Be very careful. Electricity can be dangerous, especially in the damp conditions of a tent or in the open air. Even a 12V battery can give you a nasty shock if used incorrectly. However, if used in the right way, you can benefit from mains electricity and, if you take the right precautions, you can use it safely.
We recommend you use a 25 m cable because the layout of pitches means you can be pitched a fair distance from the hook-up bollard. However, if you’re closer to the bollard, you should still uncoil the full length of your cable, to avoid it overheating during use. Avoid using extension cables. If you need to, always use weather-proof connectors and keep the connection off the ground – to avoid water getting inside.
Many tents now include a small zipped flap where the cable can enter the tent, so cables don’t need to cross the entrance.
Making life safer
Most caravans, motorhomes, and folding campers have electrical equipment fitted by design. If you are bringing electricity into a tent, you will need to buy a special hook-up lead with two or more damp-proof sockets, each of which will take an ordinary 13A plug, as you would use at home.
Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
Every outlet has its own RCD. One of the reasons for using a properly-designed electrical connection to your unit is that a Residual Current Device (RCD), the safety device, will be wired into the circuit. This is designed to cut off the supply immediately in the case of current leakage to the ground. Such leakage can occur when someone touches a damp appliance especially if the person is standing on damp ground, which can easily happen in a tent.
Keep it all dry
Tents (especially tent floors) can be damp and moisture and electricity do not mix well together. The socket end of the cable will usually have some means of fixing it well above ground level. Oftentimes, special clips will enable it to be fixed to a frame tent pole off the ground. Arranging to mount it off the ground in other tents, especially those with flexible poles, can be more difficult. The equipment you plugin must also be placed safely. Don’t use electrical equipment on the tent floor as leaks or condensation could lead to dampness.
How much power
You’ll also need to think about the equipment you want to use on-site. At home, you’ll probably have plenty of sockets and it’s rare to overload them, but a campsite socket can be easily overloaded. If you are using an electric kettle, it really ought to be a small camping one. Heaters should be low-powered and ideally designed for camp life; don’t try to use your heater and kettle at the same time – if you do, you could overload your pitch socket, causing it to cut out, and you may even cut out other sockets on the campsite.

*Electric plugs for 2022 are already sold out! The Electrics Plug upgrades purchased in 2019/2022 roll for 2022 without the need to change them.
There will be a dedicated area for camping for those with Electric plug upgrades. At the moment we can't say if parking will be possible in that area (except for the Campers). More info will follow soon. 

The Festival venue map will be available later.

There will be a limited amount of MetalDays festival shirts and other MetalDays merchandise, as well as artist merchandise available at the official MetalDays merchandise stand. Important note: The payment method is cash only!

The First Aid Point is open 24 hours a day throughout the festival, starting Sunday, 24.07.2022, from 08.00, till Saturday, 30.07.2022, to 15.00 (24/7). We would also like to inform you that our business partner Paramedic d.o.o. is offering preservation of medication (for visitors who need special medicine; and they need to keep the medicine in a cool and dry place). They will also be able to assist you with prescriptions for medicines. For details or questions, please check their website: http://www.paramedic.si/

You will be provided with a variety of good quality food and drinks in appropriate quantity and at reasonable pricing at a number of stands. Furthermore, we provide you with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and there will also be some gluten-free food options available. Apart from that, we will have free drinking water, which will be provided all over the festival area.
At the camp area, you can use your own bottles to refill with free drinking water. However, you are not allowed to take any bottles with you to the venue area, so you will need to buy water at the bars first, and then refill it at the water points as often as you need. Also, please note that once you leave the venue, you will not be allowed to bring any bottles inside the venue area if you want to return to the venue, so you need to buy the bottle again!

Please try to keep the festival area and its surroundings clean! Use the garbage bins that will be placed throughout the festival area, separate your trash and note the markings on the bins for separation.

Opening times:
Friday, 22.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022: from 08.00 to 02.00
Saturday, 30.07.2022 from 07.00 to 15.00

Please be advised, that the shower centre has limited capacity and it operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. In practice, this means that hot water is available at all times, but if the capacity of the shower centre is full, you will have to either stay in line and wait for your turn or use the cold showers.

Wheelchair users, or other physically handicapped people who rely on support, can bring 1 escorting person to the festival area for free. They are allowed to use the VIP camping grounds, which enables an easier passage to the festival area. Handicapped accessible restrooms will be available. Please notice that due to lack of space, MetalDays does not provide a platform for handicapped people in front of any stage, but we do allow watching the shows from the photo-pit. Please ask our security personnel on-site, they will be happy to assist you. Please note that an official medical certificate will be requested upon your arrival!


Festival Info point, located at the Official Merch stand, offers basic info about the festival, such as information about running orders and possible changes, signing session hours and all other festival-related news. You can also hand in things that you have found, or leave a note if you have lost something. There is also one representative of our Security crew at the festival info point, who will be happy to answer to all your questions, complaints or ideas about security at the festival area. Even if you just feel you need to say thank you or pay them a compliment, feel free to stop by. They will be happy to help or listen to what you have to say.
Opening times:
Sunday, 24.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022: from 10.00 to 22.00
Saturday, 30.07.2022 from 07.00 to 15.00


Do you have any ideas, complaints, or general thoughts that you would like to share with MetalDays festival's promoter, Boban Milunović? 

If your answer is yes, you will get a chance to meet him, every day during the festival, from Monday, 25.27.2020, till Friday, 29.07.2022, at the Signing Session point, from 12.00 (noon) to 12.30. You are welcome to stop by and share your constructive ideas with us, criticise us, or just say hello. We will do our best to keep your comments in mind for the next year's festival edition.


As every year, there will be different sale points with all kinds of “metal-related” souvenirs and items available at the Metal Market, located on the road between Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister stage and Boško Bursać stage.



MetalDays Festival Parking tickets (full festival parking tickets) are available here: https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/metaldays-tickets 

All prices are for 1 vehicle.
Payment for parking is mandatory regardless of whether the car is parked in the Parking Zone or in the Parking & Camping Zone.
Please note that the parking sticker should be placed onto the INNER LEFT SIDE of your vehicle's windshield, where it is easily visible! You will receive a parking sticker together with your wristband at the festival box office upon arrival.
Upon arrival by car, please follow signs for "MetalDays Parking”, which are placed already on the main road towards the festival area. Parking and camping at the festival area are permitted only in designated places, so please follow the instructions of the parking security personnel.
By purchasing the MetalDays festival Parking ticket, you agree with the Terms & Conditions of the festival, stated on www.metaldays.net.
Price : 45,00 €
We are expecting MetalDays 2022 to be sold out with festival tickets only, and there will be no 1-day and 3-day tickets available. Therefore no 1day and 3-day parking tickets are available at the online shop. In case of sale of 1day and 3day tickets, parking tickets will be available at the box office.

Dogs and other animals are NOT permitted at the festival area (including the camping area)! Anyone who attempts to disobey this rigorous rule will be removed from the festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation.
Please behave responsibly regarding your animal companion and leave them at home (or in any other dog hotel or care, where they will be provided with the care they need).

Photographing is allowed for your personal use only. Surely, you do understand that due to contractual obligations, the use of professional photo equipment such as flashes, video cameras and alike by our visitors, is NOT allowed in the festival area. Possession and use of such equipment without valid photo accreditation is subject to a fine or revoked access to the festival area.


For more info, please visit this link.

Objects that are prohibited to bring in the festival area: cans, bottles, hard drugs, objects that can be used as projectiles, knives, and of course any kind of weapons and other objects that can be used as such. Leave those things at home; you won't be able - in any case - to get into the festival area with them! Of course, you are allowed to bring your cutlery to the Campsite, but not to the Stage Site!

We believe that our visitors are our friends and we also try to treat you all the same. But sometimes it could happen that some of our visitors are not behaving in a friendly manner - and we would like to know if something like that happens. Therefore, we encourage all our visitors to report anything unusual to our security staff or at the festival Info point.
We would like to make sure that all our visitors are safe at all times and feel welcome as well, and by reporting any kind of illegal activities you spot in the festival area, you are helping us a lot in terms of keeping you and your mates safe. We would like to thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Every visitor participates in the festival at his/her own risk. Also, every visitor is obliged to take action for the warranty of his/her own safety. The visitors are also responsible for their own property that they bring along to the festival. The promoter, MH Music Holiday GmbH is not liable for any lost or damaged property whatsoever! MH Music Holiday GmbH is also not liable for violations of the Slovenian law, thievery, injuries or damages by third parties that happen during the course of the festival. Please read festival Terms & Conditions carefully.

The running order will be available later.

ATTENTION: Due to ongoing construction works on the bypass road that causes a lack of available space, SAFE DEPOSIT & GSM CHARGING is not available in 2022. Please ignore the information stated below. 
Please be advised that Safe deposit has limited capacity and it operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. In practice, this means that if capacities are full, you can not use the Safe deposit to deposit your things safely.
The same principle works for GSM Charging points; there is a limited amount of charging points/powerbanks that we can offer for charging. If capacities are full / power-banks are not available, you cannot charge your phone at the time, or leave your phone for charging at the station. We will try to provide enough Safe deposit capacities and GSM charging points for all.
Opening times:
Sunday, 24.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022: from 10.00 to 22.00
Saturday, 30.07.2022 from 07.00 to 15.00


Please keep the toilet and shower facilities clean so that other people can use them conveniently after you! On the camping area, of course, toilets and showers will also be available in the camping area.


The instructions of the security personnel are NOT to be followed voluntarily but obligatory! Please, avoid senseless annoying actions so that everybody can feel comfortable! There is also one representative of our Security crew at the festival info point, who will be happy to answer all your questions, complaints or ideas about security at the festival area. Even if you just feel you need to say thank you or pay them a compliment, feel free to stop by. They will be happy to help or listen to what you have to say.

Are you a single girl, traveling alone and want to meet and hang out with other girls at the festival? In the festival camping area, right next to the Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister stage (beginning of the camp), on the right-hand side, and next to the first set of warm showers, there will be an area, that is close to all the important facilities. This area offers secure access and additional light, so we believe that the spot is perfect for those who may not feel comfortable sleeping alone. Don't be shy, join the Single girls camping area, enjoy and have fun!


The official festival shop for MetalDays is Hofer, and it is situated near the main entrance.


Festival promoter cooperates with 3rd party shuttle service provider, which offers shuttle services from nearby airports and other destinations to the festival area. You can find more details in the travel section of our page.

Swimming and other sports activities are undertaken at your own risk! The Festival promoter does not guarantee that there is a professional lifeguard available at the main festival beach area.

You can buy your tickets for the MetalDays festival here https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/metaldays-tickets


Sunday, 24.07.2022 from 08.00 to 23.59
Monday, 25.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2020 from 08.00 to 22.00