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MetalDays Camp offers plenty of places for every festival visitor to feel comfortable. Equipped with sanitary facilities that will satisfy all your needs, MetalDays camp is the first choice for your stay at the festival. The camp is divided into several zones; Glamping Camp Velenje, zone for mobile sleeping units, camping only zone, camping & parking zone, glamping zone, silent camp, pre-pitched tents, and zone for female visitors traveling alone. Camping in festival camp is not charged extra, and is included in the price of the ticket. Camping in Camp Velenje costs extra. For fees, booking and all information about Camp Velenje visit the official website of Camp Velenje.


This one is for everyone who, for whatever reason, can't or doesn't want to spend time at MetalDays in the tents.

Don’t bother bringing and pitching a tent! Why bring extra luggage when you can sleep right in a wooden hut? Choose this option if you like it comfortable. These lockable wooden huts give you that extra dose of comfort.
Positioned in a quiet part of the camp, in the immediate vicinity of the sanitary facilities, MetalDays Glamping Huts are an ideal solution that will take your experience to an even higher level.

Extras included in the service:

- Wooden hut for a maximum of 4 people

- Two bunk beds including mattresses, sheets and bedding

  • Power socket (300W)

  • Light

  • Padlock
    Booking options:

  • 9 Nights, 27.07.-05.08.2023 

  • 8 Nights, 28.07.-05.08.2023

  • 7 Nights, 29.07.-05.08.2023

  • 6 Nights, 30.07.-05.08.2023
    Occupancy options:

  • 4 person

  • 2 person 

*Booking Glamping Huts is only possible with a valid MetalDays ticket

A camp that impresses!

In the beautiful Šaleška valley, there is a camp that impresses at first glance. It lies next to the mighty Velenje lake, which provides many activities in the warmer months. In its natural environment, it positively surprises with its quality offer and comfortable accommodation. Guests can choose between spacious camping pitches and luxury mobile houses.
Capacities are limited. 
Please be advised, that Camp Velenje is a standalone company, and is operating independently from organisers of the MetalDays festival.
For all information, suggestions and complaints, please refer to the Camp Velenje directly. 




/My tent has already been pitched!/

You don't have an own tent at hand or you're not keen on carrying or pitching all the camping equipment by yourself? Then you're in good hands of the mein-zelt-steht-schon crew! They not only have tents and other camping accessories to rent, but they're also assembling this stuff. So you just have to arrive at the MetalDays, move into the tent and start to party!
Booking and Info:



Attention MetalDays 2023 attendees! We are thrilled to announce that the application for Group Camping is now open. Gather your friends and secure your spot in the festival camp for an unforgettable experience.

Group camping has always been one of the highlights of MetalDays, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among festival-goers. This long-standing tradition allows you and your friends to camp together, creating lasting memories and sharing the excitement of the festival.

To reserve your group camping spot, simply visit this link website and complete the online application Whether you're a small group or a larger crew, we welcome all visitors who want to enjoy the festival alongside their friends. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your MetalDays adventure.

Join us for MetalDays 2023 and experience the joy of group camping amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the festival. Grab your friends, reserve your spot, and get ready for an epic journey of music, friendship, and unforgettable moments.


After good fun and a superb lineup, the first association of the MetalDays festival is the beach and water fun. Exactly as expected from the festival that invented metal and holiday. Copied by so many others, but never equalled. A lot of things were not possible on our former beach, mainly because of bureaucracy, but that's why there are no obstacles and limitations on our new beach in Velenje. The fun on the water will be like never before, so prepare well; the war between unicorns and flamingos is going to reach a whole new level.


A huge selection of shops, most of which are within walking distance, will make your stay in the festival camp comfortable and easy.
We have only published a few of the biggest shops here, and we advise you to use google to find all the smaller shops, as well as fast food, bars and variety of offer around the festival.


Hofer has been a valued partner and supporter of our festival, providing a wide range of essential items, snacks, drinks, and more to enhance your MetalDays experience. Whether you need camping supplies, refreshing beverages, tasty snacks, or any last-minute necessities, you'll find it all conveniently available at the Hofer festival shop.

As the official festival shop, Hofer is committed to ensuring that all festival-goers have easy access to the products they need, at affordable prices, to make their time at MetalDays even more enjoyable.

So, be sure to visit the Hofer festival shop during your stay and take advantage of the convenience and excellent offerings they have in store for you.
Distance from the festival camp entrance: 580m

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