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MetalDays Paycard Update!

This year, you have the opportunity to transfer money to your MetalDays Paycard via the app. The so-called Mobile topup. This option will be available for Android and iOS users.

In addition to mobile topup, the app also offers you information about the festival Running Order as well as the history of your card. All transactions, deposits, and topups are visible in the app, so you can access that information at any time. The app is free of charge and will be available for download and installation at the beginning of next week. We will inform you about this in due time, once the app becomes available in stores.

For all of you who don't use smartphones, or for any other reason don't want or can't use the app, you can use your card like every year until now with cash. There is one ATM machine at the festival, and there are several ATM machines in Tolmin city.

For information on the opening hours of the cashier point at the festival, where you can top up your MetalDays Paycard with cash, please visit the ABC section

Enjoy your MetalDays 2022, see you in a few days.

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