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Important notice!

State of Emergency:

The authorities have declared a state of emergency, indicating a serious situation that requires immediate action.

Festival Cancellation: The last day of the festival is canceled, and no shows will happen due to the current situation.

No Leaving Velenje: It's advised not to attempt to leave Velenje, as all streets are closed for safety reasons.

Accommodation at Rdeca Dvorana: Visitors are asked to go to Rdeca Dvorana, where accommodation free of charge is organized for them.

Shuttles to Rdeca Dvorana: Shuttles will be arranged from the Box Office to transport visitors to the accommodation area.

Dry Tents Area: Those who are still in dry tents and not in the flooded festival area should stay there until further notice.

Operating Bars and Food: For those still at the festival, bars and food facilities are still operational.

Follow Personnel's Instructions: It's important to follow the instructions given by the event personnel and authorities.

Stay Updated: Visitors should stay tuned for further information and updates from the organizers.

Safety is the top priority during emergencies like this, so it's essential to remain calm, follow instructions, and cooperate with the authorities and event organizers. If you are in Velenje during this situation, please act responsibly and take the necessary precautions for your safety.

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