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MetalDays 2023, festival info


You must have noticed the date change.

This date has always been our wish, but it was not possible due to the timing of other festivals that take place in Tolmin before and after MetalDays.

Regarding booking bands, the festival can benefit greatly from the new dates, because it is close to other metal festivals that coincide with MetalDays in 2023, or take place immediately before and after our festival. Until now, MetalDays was the first in the series, and most bands decided to start the tour one week later, for logistical and financial reasons.

Changing the date is good for band booking but also for all of you who want to visit another festival combined with MetalDays. It's a win-win situation.

Early arrival.

As you may have seen, Early Arrival lasts for 3 days again, and the tickets are cheaper than before, costing only €10 for a one-day stay in the festival camp.

The price will not change for the 2023 edition. Beach and swimming.

Yes, the new location has a beautiful beach and the possibility of swimming for all of you.

We like it very much, and we believe you will like it too. Accommodation, shops, and restaurants.

In the immediate vicinity of the festival location, as well as in the broader area, there is a large number of accommodation in hotels, apartments, and camps with glamping offers.

There are many larger shops in the immediate vicinity of the festival location, as well as many restaurants.

The place and region are rich in culture, which will provide additional entertainment outside the festival events.


The parking ticket category in 2023 will be divided into motorbikes, cars, and mobile sleeping units (campers, caravans, and cars with trailers and tents on the roof).

Accordingly, different prices for parking will be set, with a price for motorbikes of €20, €35 for cars, and €45 for mobile sleeping units.

As you can see, these prices are partially lower than before, and will not change in 2023.

Parking tickets will be available for purchase on 08.12.2022 in our shop and are valid for early Arrival as well.

Why only then? Because then we will announce the location of the festival, and all the information about additional accommodations outside the festival area. We believe that some of you will want accommodation outside the festival camp, and in that case, there is no need to buy a parking space at the festival.


In 2023, the camp will again be divided into a few zones; there will be a zone for camping only (Camping Only zone), a zone for camping next to your own car (Camping & Parking zone), a Silent Camp zone, Group Camping zone, camping zone for those who travel alone, and don’t feel safe and probably some more, but this is what we can say at the moment.

The use of all zones is included in the ticket price (parking for vehicles is not included in the ticket price).

Announcement of location 08.12.2022.

Why not sooner? Such was the wish of the municipality at the production meeting with all representatives.

Lineup 2023.

Most of the lineup will be announced on 08.12.2022, and until then we will try to give you a few more bands.


Early Birds are already on sale and cost €199.

They are limited to only 2000 tickets. After that, the price will rise.

Early Birds are available until sold out or until 08.12.2022.

Follow us on the official channels for all additional information that we will publish in due course.

Enjoy the summer!

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