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MetalDays tradition continues.
You have a metal band, you are ambitious and serious, and you think you deserve to play at a major, internationally known festival? New Forces Stage is the right place for you!
MetalDays with New Forces Stage has a long-standing tradition of supporting newcomer bands in their career, because we believe that newcomer bands are the ones that are most important for a healthy Metal community and its future. We've always had an ear for bands that deserve more recognition. For example, Alien Weaponry played their first concert at a major festival at none other than MetalDays. We were never afraid to give bands that we thought deserved high slots to show themselves to a large audience. We believe in you, and that's why we put a lot of energy into New Forces Stage.

Terms & Conditions
The conditions for the application for the New Forces Stage are similar as before. The only difference is that you no longer need to come to the festival in person to register. It is enough for one band member to buy a MetalDays festival ticket in the official shop ( 07-30), and to send us proof during the application process. It is your decision whether you want to visit the festival or not, but we know you won't regret it visiting us. Why did we change this condition? We understand that bands from as far away as India, Chile, Brazil and Australia, to name a few, cannot simply travel to the festival to apply. We believe that a slot on the New Forces Stage would motivate them to make such a journey to Velenje. From the end of the application until April 03. all registered bands are obliged to participate in the promotion of the MetalDays festival through their Social Media. Promotional activities do not require financial investment. During the promotion, the bands will earn points, which will play an important role in deciding which bands will be chosen.
Why is this necessary? In this way, the New Forces Stage is not a one-way street. Apart from the fact that New Forces Stage production, promotion and coordination cost us a lot of money, the most important thing is that we support you, while you support us. It's a fair deal. In addition, we feel that bands that do not want to visit or support the festival, where they really want to play, honestly do not deserve a slot.
Applications close on February 28. at 17:00 CET. On April 10. we will announce the 20 bands we have chosen to perform on the New Forces Stage 2023. Each selected band will receive €300, catering (only on the day of the performance), and the possibility to camp in the VIP camp (for the duration of the festival).
Through an online poll, visitors will vote for the most favorite New Forces Stage band. 10 bands with the most votes will get opener Slots at MetalDays 2024.
Bands are not required to sell MetalDays tickets, and we will not ask them to do so.
How do we choose the bands? By way of several parameters, but mostly based on how hard the band tries to present itself to the audience, how professional their performances look and how well they play live. How many concerts they have every year, and the quality of songs and production. Promotional points also play a very important role.

Stylistically, it doesn't matter which genre the Metal band belongs to. Everyone is welcome. Fill out the application, and become part of the MetalDays New Forces Stage initiative.

The New Forces Stage application is closed for 2023.
If you want to be a part of MetalDays, and play on the New Forces Stage, come back here in January 2024, when the app is live again.

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