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Besides the loan we took in 2021, in 2023, we sold a portion of shares in the MetalDays promoting company. This money was invested in MetalDays 2023. One shareholder also took an additional loan, which was likewise invested in MetalDays 2023. In total, well over half a million € of private funds were invested by shareholders in MetalDays from 2021 until 2023, covering both production costs of 2023 and processed refunds. If any of the defamation aimed at discrediting us had been true, we would never have invested this money in MetalDays 2023, nor would we have refunded a single ticket. Every allegation that we are scammers who misappropriated visitors' money for high-end tourism on a paradise island is false, and only a fool would believe it just because a wannabe Metal influencer said it on the internet. MetalDays has been our life from day one. Anyone who thinks we would destroy the product of our hard work and dedication for the reasons stated in those false accusations is simply naive. The outstanding refunds amount to only about 30% of what shareholders personally invested in MetalDays 2023. How foolish would that be? There’s absolutely no logic behind it. We don’t claim to be geniuses, but we aren’t that stupid either.

To all the bands that played at MetalDays: you are as crucial to MetalDays as our visitors. Over the years, we have established ourselves as reliable promoters, enabling us to host so many incredible bands. Each of you contributes uniquely to MetalDays, enhancing the festival's significance. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to meet such talented personalities and to host you for a day. To the bands we were unable to pay due to the financial loss caused by flooding, we can only say that we deeply regret this situation, and we wish it had not come to this. Given that many of you have performed at MetalDays before, we trust you understand that this was never intentional. We have consistently been a dependable partner, honoring every contractual obligation and prioritizing the interests of every band that graced our stages. We truly hope to regain your trust and to become a reliable partner you can again count on in the future. To New Forces Promoters and Bands, we wish to thank you for your unwavering support of MetalDays until the very last day. Your dedication and enthusiasm have been invaluable to us. Many of you have become not just partners, but true friends. We look forward to hosting your bands at future events and continuing our collaboration for many years to come.

We’re not looking for excuses. Our goal is to present the last four MetalDays years and all significant events as they truly happened. We made mistakes that, even though they occurred during unprecedented times, should not have been made by promoters with our level of expertise. We had to know better.  We had to think like businessmen when COVID-19 started and we should have declared bankruptcy back then. Being proud, being friendly,  and relying on luck has no place in business. Many individuals and companies would have not been harmed if this decision had been made at the right time. We wish to apologize to each one of them. We are sorry for refunds not returned, unpaid bands, and unsettled production expenses more than you can imagine. We now know what we could and should have done differently. However, the global pandemic and historic flood created challenges that were too big for us to manage effectively at the time. 

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whom to believe. We will respect your decision, whichever side you pick, because we are at peace knowing we aren't scammers who plotted to steal visitors' money. As this is the last public statement we will make regarding MetalDays, it was important to put the truth out there.

This is the final goodbye to MetalDays. For us, MetalDays is a thing of the past, a beautiful memory. When we return, it will be with something new, exciting, and capable of setting a new trend. And most importantly, funds must be available before the first ticket is sold. Until then, we wish you nothing but the best. We are at peace in our hearts, and we wish nothing less to all MetalDays supporters. As they say, "when one door closes, another opens."

Much love,

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