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For the 2022 edition, it was decided to implement a Cashless Payment system through a partner who also had a concession to sell drinks at the festival. This decision was based on other festivals in Tolmin entrusting this operation to the same partner to reduce production expenses and simplify operations. Instead of handling this separately for each festival, it was agreed that Amaia Esa d.o.o. would manage this operation. The company had been our gastronomy partner for several years, with shareholders and key personnel acting as our subcontractors since pre-MetalDays 2007, primarily managing bars and drink sales. This was the first and only time such an important part of production was entrusted to a third party. What a mistake that was! Amaia Esa d.o.o. did not honor our contracts and agreements and unlawfully withheld a significant portion of the money owed to the MetalDays organizing company. Not expecting such criminal acts, we promised refunds would be made after the 2022 edition. This money was more than enough and it was intended and planned for refunds of tickets purchased in 2020 and 2021 for those who opted for refunds. With what they did, they not only jeopardized our refund promises but also caused our festival season to result in a negative outcome.


In addition, Amaia Esa d.o.o. refused to refund the remaining funds on cashless cards to visitors who were unable to collect their credits at the festival. This made us appear unprofessional and led to negative publicity, with those awaiting refunds labeling us as scammers. Subsequently, we filed lawsuits against Amaia Esa d.o.o. Two cases have already been decided in our favor so far, and we wait for the final judgment to be issued. There are currently two ongoing cases, with court documents accessible to the public. We expect to win all cases. As the promoting company that sues them is in bankruptcy, we can’t say if the liquidator who’s now in charge of the company will continue to sue them.

After every MetalDays edition, we expressed our gratitude to all crew members and asked if we could count on them for the upcoming edition. This time was no different. On August 12, 2022, via email, we thanked Črt Batagelj (one of the Tolminator promoters) for his work on the MetalDays 2022 second stage and asked if the whole second stage team would be interested in joining us again in 2023 at the new location, which would be announced in December 2022.  However, we never received a response.
Little did we know that at that time, they had their event planned extensively, which was strange considering we shared drinks and laugh just few days ago on MetalDays 2022. 

The Tolminator festival introduction they sent out to booking agents was written as if we were staying at Sotočje with a different event, so agents started offering us their bands for “our” new event in Tolmin. This was unplanned, and that’s when the organized fabrication of lies about us began.

The frustration about non-refunded tickets started in the summer of 2021. Visitors kept addressing this on our social media channels, and we had already posted a few official statements regarding the issue. So, it was already a public matter. It was something that was debated within the team all the time. So, you may wonder why Črt Batagelj (and the rest of the now Tolminator team and crew) would work with us until after the 2022 edition when they already had plans set for their own festival, which they kept secret, and they label us as scammers. Why would they want to have anything to do with us? It’s because they love our money. The same money that they claim we stole from you. It’s bad to steal money from you… unless we give it to them. Then it’s okay.

At that time, the majority shareholder of Tolminator was PRH d.o.o., the promoting company of Punk Rock Holiday. But since Tolminator didn’t sell any tickets for the first edition, the PRH guys quickly bowed out and stepped away from the project. What irony that the festival supposed to save Metal in Slovenia was initially run by people who couldn’t care less for the Metal community.

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