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We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our visitors for their unwavering calmness and cooperation during these challenging times. Your kind words and support have meant the world to us.

However, we must acknowledge that we did not face these difficulties alone. Without the assistance of the following individuals and organisations the outcome could have been drastically different.

We want to express our endless thanks to:

The dedicated MetalDays staff who tirelessly worked to ensure the safe evacuation of visitors from the festival camp and provided them with shelter at Rdeča Dvorana.

To all those who generously lent us tractors and selflessly offered their assistance in pulling the cars from the muddy grounds.

To the wonderful people of Velenje who came forward to lend a helping hand. Your donations of dry clothes, towels, food, and hot drinks at the shelter were invaluable. Moreover, your willingness to offer accommodations and meals in your homes was a heartwarming display of community spirit and generosity.

To Mestna občina Velenje, Civilna Zaščita Velenje, TIC Velenje, Občina Šoštanj Občina Šmartno/Paki, Občina Mozirje, Občina Ljubno, Občina Nazarje, Občina Rečica ob Savinji, Občina Luče @Občina Gornji Grad, Občina Solcava, Gasilci PGD Velenje, Visit Saleska, Festival Velenje , Hotel Paka, Rdeča dvorana Velenje Wunder Beach Bar, VISTA Park z razgledom GRASHKA Mladinski center Velenje, RJZ - Rod jezerski zmaj, Slovenska policija / The Slovenian police , Društvo za Podvodne Dejavnosti Jezero Velenje, Camp Velenje Gorenje Gostinstvo, @MaxClub Velenje, Full Burger, Šili testenine and all that we have unintentionaly forgot to mention.

Once again, from the depths of our hearts, thank you for reminding us why Velenje is the right home for MetalDays.

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