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Thank you!

The organisers of the MetalDays festival would like to thank all our visitors for their support and above all for their understanding.

After all the changes that 2022 has brought us (construction works, Municipal decisions, ticket replacements due to cancellations in 2020 and 2021...), most of which are at the expense of visitors, the mood is still extremely positive and we can't wait to see you again in Tolmin.

John Malkovich once said "If you're creating something that's out in and for the public, it is very possible that there will be just as many people who will adore your work as there will be people who will openly hate it. Why don't we just accept it? Why do we try to make everyone love us if that is impossible? Because this, this is a lost battle."

MetalDays, our festival, is definitely one of those things. Kind and encouraging words about the work that we do, do warm our hearts, because in the end - MetalDays festival is a big essence of our life, and yes, an incredible amount of time, effort, energy, nerves, and the rest of our daily lives goes into it. Does criticism still hurt? Yes, it does, in a way, particularly when it has no solid ground and is just a metaphor for someone's frustration, rather than an honest opinion.

Why do we write this? Because we want you to know that we are not the ones who made the decisions that limit the experience that MetalDays offers. Everything that currently bothers you about the 2022 festival was not caused by us.

Regardless of everything, the festival will be amazing this year. Why are we so sure of it? Because of the fact that we have such amazing visitors, who are already asking us for 2023 tickets and their availability. Without a single band announced, and without certainty in which location and in what form MetalDays 2023 will be held. You are our heroes!!!

Visit us in less than 14 days. You will not regret it! photo by Marko Alpner Photography

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