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Statement to the tickets exchange deadline!

The deadline was published for the first time on 20.05.2021. Since then, until 31.08. 2021, we have frequently warned about the deadline on all official channels.

Almost 6000 tickets were sold at MetalDays 2019 and through the New Forces bands, which made sending notifications via e-mails useless. We do not have information about the owners of those tickets, so any question about this sent to our support team can't be answered.

Visitors that have deleted, lost or damaged their tickets, please get in touch with the seller that sold you the tickets. Our support team can't help you with this matter.

Why was the deadline important? We cannot organize a festival for which we do not know how many tickets have been sold and how many tickets we still need to sell. Without this deadline, the organization of the festival is almost impossible. Without clear information on the number of visitors, we cannot continue booking and planning the festival. We hope this is something that everyone understands, and we also expect you to understand that we are not in a position to reopen ticket replacement requests because it is a never-ending story. There will always be someone who unfortunately did not read the notice, or was not at home that last day.

Those that have missed the deadline for exchange still have the possibility to request a refund here:

...or you can donate your tickets for a good cause and buy a new ticket for 2022 right away. Donations: Tickets 2022:

Refunds will be done in stages, starting with tickets with the earliest dates of purchase. The exact dates will be communicated to you in advance.

Please don't send e-mails to our support team about these topics, as we already explained every detail here.

We are still eternally grateful for your fantastic feedback and the encouragement we received last two years. We assure you that we, by no means, take this for granted.

Thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing support.

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