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MetalDays 2022 ticket exchange update!

Today, 2nd mailout with exchanged tickets for MetalDays 2022 was sent out. Over 2000 visitors already have received their tickets. If you’ve requested a ticket exchange, and haven’t received your tickets please make sure you have checked also your spam folder.

For all those who do not have tickets for MetalDays 2022, but want to visit the festival, tickets are on sale again and will remain on sale until the moment when the festival will be sold out. You can get tickets at this link:

You can also buy tickets on the TicketSwap platform and thus support visitors who have bought their tickets but unfortunately can not come to MetalDays 2022. You can find them at this link:

Any issues with the tickets? Please contact

Last, but not less important, is that we are working on the lineup for MetalDays 2022, and we can’t wait to present the next confirmed bands to you.

See you in Tolmin, 2022.

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