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Parking Ticket Refund!

As expected, some parking ticket owners are not happy with the newly announced parking regime. Mostly those that have planned to visit the area with their cars. Unfortunately, this year due to works on the bypass road, we are not able to keep the same parking rules as in the past editions.

As we are facing massive space problems (the construction site has taken about 30% of our space away), we actually motivate visitors not to come with a car, and we advise them to look for parking elsewhere, so any parking ticket refund is welcome.

If you want a refund for your parking ticket, please send a refund request to

The latest date to send your request is 17.07.2022 at 23:59.

In the email, you must also send:

1. Order ID

2. Email

3. Name and Surname

4. Address, City, Country

5. Bank details for transactions with IBAN and BIC

6. Parking ticket

7. Proof of payment For the new parking regime please read: Attention!!!

The parking regime in Tolmin and the surrounding area is very strict, and it is not free.

Please, do not expect that you will be able to park your cars in places not designated for that. If you do, you risk paying a fine.

We advise you to inform yourself about this in advance.

Although our Terms & Conditions give us the possibility that we do not have to make this refund, it seems to us that this is a fair decision.

At the same time, we invite you to read the Terms & Conditions before you decide to purchase any service that MetalDays offers because in the future we will adhere to the rules published at this link: The refund will start after the festival. First, we have to do all ticket refunds. Everyone who asked for a ticket refund has been waiting for a long time for their refund.

Thanks for your understanding.

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