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MetalDays mobile topup app user manual & support!

Updated: Jul 21

Here is some useful information for MetalDays Mobile Topup App users.

For all of you who want to use the topup app, the app is available in Google Play and the App Store.

For the User Manual, please look at the pictures.


If needed submit a request to: metaldays-app@way.to.it

or connect to https://metaldays.way.to.it All information, Terms & Conditions and other things that you need to know about MetalDays Mobile Topup App partner are available on this link: http://www.infordatadealers.com

MetalDays promoter does not take any responsibility in connection with the MetalDays Mobile Topup App service.

For all questions, criticisms, and possible problems during the festival, and after the festival, contact the service provider of the MetalDays Mobile Topup App service directly: metaldays-app@way.to.it MetalDays Promoter disclaimer: https://www.metaldays.net/_files/ugd/1f270d_ffd7eafc086843fdb83f7e3f90b88535.pdf

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