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MetalDays branded cup!

Dear visitors,

Our friend Kacper designed the MetalDays cup. Whether you will use it for water, juice, beer, or our cocktails, we leave the decision to you.

As you can see, while designing it we tried to keep the main characteristics of the MetalDays festival as a part of the design ...and those are the rivers Soca and Tolminka.

The cup is made of reusable hard plastic, made of eco-material.

The deposit per cup is 3€. If you return the cup to the cup-deposit point, 3€ will be refunded to your paycard. If you decide to keep Metaldays cup as a souvenir, all you need to do is not to return the cup at the deposit point. Just take the cup with you.

The amount of cups is limited to 2000, and we think it is a fantastic souvenir, that we have not had so far.

We hope you like the design, and we hope that many MetalDays cups will travel with you to your homes to remind you of the great time you had at the festival in 2022.

Enjoy! Attention! Beer bottles and glasses are only of a promotional nature for this post, and will not be on sale nor available at the festival or in our shop.

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