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MetalDays 2023

Thank you!

After 8 editions of the MetalDays festival in Tolmin, we would like to thank all the visitors who supported us all these years, all the residents of Tolmin and Posocje who were fantastic hosts to our visitors, and all the city institutes and organizations.

Tolmin was the home for MetalDays and will forever remain in our hearts.

Too many good memories to forget.

At the same time, we are very excited about our new home.

At this moment, we can only say that the new location has everything that makes MetalDays unique. Follow us on our official channels, because we have a very exciting year ahead of us.

You can expect a longer statement about MetalDays 2022 and 2023 soon.

Until then, we wish you safe return home, and we wish those who continue their journey to other festivals an unforgettable experience! Tickets:

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