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JEGULJA, and MOLASSESS cancelled!

Unfortunately, JEGULJA had to cancel their performance at MetalDays 2022. Their replacement is the fantastic SIDEREAN!

Likewise, MOLASSESS had to cancel their performance, and we have a replacement for them; CARNAL DIAFRAGMA! Jegulja statement:

We would like to apologize for canceling our appearance on MetalDays. Due to a recent lineup change, we won't be able to put up a show worthy of such a legendary festival. We thank MetalDays for inviting us, we appreciate it a lot. Anyway, never say never! We will be back.

Molasses statement:

"We are sad to say we cannot make it to this year’s MetalDays due to medical issues. We hope to make it back to a later edition of this great fest because we are eager to play for you!"

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