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Introducing the MetalDays App

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

💥Introducing the MetalDays App, your ultimate companion for the MetalDays festival experience!

This free and registration-free app provides you with all the crucial information you need to make the most of your time at MetalDays 2023.

🔥RUNNING ORDER: Get the latest updates on the festival's running order, ensuring you never miss your favourite bands. The app keeps you informed about the precise timing and stage locations for each performance, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

🔥OPENING HOURS: Stay in the loop with the festival's opening hours. The MetalDays App provides you with up-to-date information on when the gates open and close, ensuring you arrive at the right time to kick off your MetalDays adventure. Of course, we will cover the opening hours of bars, food stands, merch stands, lockers, showers and many more as well.

🔥LOCATION AND MAPS: Seamlessly navigate to the festival ground with the help of a detailed map. The MetalDays App offers a map and address of the festival venue. Never lose your way and easily find MetalDays at Lake Velenje.

🔥UP-TO-DATE-INFORMATION: The MetalDays App keeps you informed of all the latest news, announcements, and changes. Whether it's lineup additions, schedule modifications, or important updates about the festival, you can rely on the app to provide you with the most recent and accurate information.

🔥CONVENIENT ACCESS: The MetalDays App is available now for download via the following link: []. No registration is required, allowing you to access all the app's features instantly.

🔥ALWAYS UP TO DATE: We are committed to keeping the MetalDays App up to date with all the important information you need. As the festival progresses, we'll ensure that the app reflects any changes or additions, guaranteeing you have the most accurate and relevant details throughout your MetalDays experience.

💥Get ready to rock out at MetalDays 2023 with the MetalDays App. Download it now and have all the crucial festival information at your fingertips. Let the music, fun, and adventure begin!

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