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Glamping Huts!

This one is for everyone who, for whatever reason, can't or doesn't want to spend time at MetalDays in the tents. Don’t bother bringing and pitching a tent! Why bring extra luggage when you can sleep right in a wooden hut? Choose this option if you like it comfortable. These lockable wooden huts give you that extra dose of comfort. 
Positioned in a quiet part of the camp, in the immediate vicinity of the sanitary facilities, MetalDays Glamping Huts are an ideal solution that will take your experience to an even higher level.

Extras included in the service: - Wooden hut for a maximum of 4 people - Two bunk beds including mattresses, sheets and bedding - Power socket (300W) - Light - Padlock 

Booking options: 9 Nights, 27.07.-05.08.2023 8 Nights, 28.07.-05.08.2023 7 Nights, 29.07.-05.08.2023 6 Nights, 30.07.-05.08.2023

Occupancy options: 4 or 2 person 
 Glamping Huts are limited to only 150 and are sold on a first come first serve basis, so hurry up. BOOK HERE:

*Booking Glamping Huts is only possible with a valid MetalDays ticket.

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