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From 2023 only festivals for 5000 people are possible in Tolmin.

Sotocje (Main Beach) is no longer part of the festival area. We are sorry that we have nothing happier for the weekend announcement. Yesterday, the municipal council voted and accepted the new regulations, which makes the already tricky production of all festivals (Not only MetalDays) even more difficult.

MetalDays is the only festival in Tolmin with more than 5,000 people, and 2022 is the last year in the form we have known since 2013. Sotocje (Main Beach) is no longer part of the festival area.

So, all we can say now is; Let this year be the best so far !!!!

"At Thursday's session, Tolmin municipal councilors decided that the organizers of festivals will not be allowed to organize or carry out the event next year in the part of the area along the Sotočje, where some have had their venue for years. They also limited the daily number of visitors to five thousand. If no further changes take place, several festivals will have to change radically or the conditions will be rejected and withdrawn elsewhere."

For those who do not speak Slovenian, we suggest Google Translate.

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