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Flights & stage times 2022

Due to the current poor situation with air transportation, flight cancellations, and flight delays, MetalDays wants to warn that changes in stage time and running order are very possible, and will very likely happen.

MetalDays and all the bands performing at the 2022 edition are working hard to ensure that such changes or band cancellations do not occur.

We must also warn that by the decision of the Municipal Council from March 2022, we have a strict curfew and we can play on both stages only until 01:00.

Based on that decision, we scheduled the main stage to end at 00:00, which leaves us with 1 hour of possibility to manipulate the stage time in case of delay of the bands arriving by plane.

On the other side, the 2nd stage, which ends as planned at 01:00, has no possibility of any manipulation.

We hope for the best, and we want the running order and lineup to remain as planned, but we also leave the possibility of unpleasant changes.

Tickets are still available, and we are in for the best MetalDays so far!


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