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Entrances and parking update!

After all the negotiations and attempts, we still did not get permission to park and drive in the 50m zone next to the cemetery.

Because of this, the entrance to the cemetery will not be functional, and it will be moved to Dijaska Street. Although it is a change, we think it is a change for the better.


When you come to the festival, you can choose the entrance at Hofer or the entrance on Dijaska street. At both entrances, you can get your festival bracelets, buy tickets, and parking.

This entrance is only open on July 23 and 24. 2022 or until the parking zone is full.

After that, only the main entrance at Hofer will be open for festival visitors, regardless of whether they have a festival ticket, a 3-day ticket, or a 1-day ticket.

Once you park your car in the parking lot on Dijaska Street, you cannot move it until the end of the festival. That regime remains the same as before for all parking areas except the remote parking lot limited to 130 cars. Please visit If you need to leave the festival for urgent reasons, or you are leaving the festival before the end, you will be of course able to do so, no matter which parking you use.

We also warn that Dijaska Street is part of the construction site and is not paved.

This year, Dijaska street is open to all visitors and everyone else going to the beach, so you can use it if you want to go to the center of town.

Campers, caravans, and cars with tents on the roof should report to the main entrance at Hofer, and they will be directed to their designated spot in the camp. Nothing has changed.

When all parking spaces are full, and if there is a need for additional parking, we have provided "remote parking 2" near the festival entrance near Hofer.

For everyone who will be parked at "remote parking 2", for 23.07. and 24.07. we provided shuttle transportation to the main entrance at Hoffer.

Parking will be guarded and safe. Parking rules for visitors with 1day tickets have not changed. For all information visit the News, ABC, and Festival Map. News: ABC: Festival Map:

At the same time, we would like to thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.

We understand that all the changes this year are difficult for you.

We do the best we can, and all changes and improvisations are conditioned by the authorities above us.

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