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Comfort Area Upgrade update!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Owners of the Comfort Zone Upgrade, same like any other visitors should show up at the box office. There they will receive a festival wristband and a Comfort Area Upgrade wristband.

The upgrade includes:

- Access the VIP area in the "Hotel" next to the main stage.

- VIP bar in the "Hotel" next to the main stage.

- Indoor toilets in the "Hotel" next to the main stage.

- Free WiFi

- Comfort area pass is valid from Monday 25.07.2022 till Friday 29.07.2022

Opening times:

Monday, 25.07.2022 till Friday, 29.07.2022, from 12.00 to 04.00 Entering the "Hotel" is possible from the 2nd Stage side.

Entering the "Hotel" yard is possible from the entrance next to the MetalDays Official Merch point.

*Due to works on the bypass road, VIP parking and VIP camping do not exist this year, so they are not included in the Comfort Zone Upgrade.

For the same reason, entrance from Dijaska street is not possible in 2022.

Thanks for your understanding.

**The Comfort Area upgrade for 2022 is already sold out. Comfort Area upgrades purchased in 2019/2022 roll for 2022 without needing to exchange them.

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