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Cashless Payment Update

Cashless Payment Update.

At MetalDays 2023, a cashless system will be used at festival merch stand, food and drinks. Payment is made simple with a chip integrated into your festival wristband.

We suggest creating a personal account. The personal account is the most significant tool for the festival. With a personal account, you can connect your ticket and register it in your name. You can also create a cashless account and top it up before the festival.

As in previous editions of the festival, MetalDays 2023 is running partially on the cashless system. Paying for food and drinks is exclusively cashless. Official Festival Merch can be purchased with cashless, cash, and credit card. Official Band Merch, payments at the Box Office and payments at the Metal Market Boots, and Local Market are exclusively with cash or a credit card.

Of course, we used last year's experience and your feedback and further improved the system. This is why we have teamed up with a leader in this field.


12.07. at 17:00 CET, you can create a personal account, top up your credit in advance to not worry about this during the festival!

Use this link to create your personal account:

All other questions are answered in our extensive cashless payment FAQ:

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