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CARCASS, VENOM INC (Black Metal Set), and KEOPS.

MetalDays 2023 just got even more exciting with the announcement of three incredible replacement bands! Fans who were disappointed by the cancellation of some of the originally scheduled acts can now look forward to headbanging to the intense, unrelenting sounds of CARCASS, VENOM INC (Black Metal Set), and KEOPS.

CARCASS, known for their unique blend of death metal and grindcore, are sure to deliver a high-energy performance that will leave the crowd begging for more. Meanwhile, VENOM INC's Black Metal Set promises to transport fans to the dark and atmospheric world of black metal, with their signature sound and intense stage presence.

And finally,KEOPS brings a fresh and exciting take on heavy metal, with their unique blend of classic and modern influences. Their soaring vocals and crushing riffs are sure to captivate the crowd and make for an unforgettable experience.

With these fantastic replacement acts, MetalDays 2023 promises to be a festival that metal fans won't want to miss!

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