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Camping and the danger of fire update!

Camping update:

We would like to remind you that the Municipality of Tolmin has made a new decision on camping with which they want to prevent camping in illegal places.

MetalDays has a camping permit from 23.07. 2022 until the end of the festival, only in dedicated places.

We warn you not to come before 23.07. 2022, nor to camp outside a dedicated area, because in the case of illegal camping, you will be fined by the Police and the office staff of the Municipality of Tolmin. Once you arrive at the festival, please follow the instructions from our personnel. Yesterday, we were warned about this again by the Municipality of Tolmin.

Increased fire risk in Slovenia:

Since there is currently an increased risk of fire in Slovenia, we ask that you be very careful about lighting a fire for your private BBQ party/lunch/dinner in the festival camp.

Please be conscientious and serious about this warning. Warn your neighbors if it seems to you that they are not handling the fire carefully. Look out for each other.

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