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Since music in the open space is only allowed until 01:00 (according to the decision of the Municipal Council from March 2022), we decided to make an "AfterParty" for the first time in the hotel between the two stages. The capacity is limited to 400 people. The "AfterParty" will have bars, operating with MetalDays Paycard, indoor toilets, sofas for relaxing, DJ music, and an additional program (which has not yet been decided in detail). Entrance is free on a first-come, first-served basis. The entrance/exit is on the side of the 2nd stage. It will be marked, you will simply find it or just ask someone. MetalDays is a small festival, just ask people. The "AfterParty" will be held every night until 04:00.

"AfterParty" working hours:

Saturday 23.07. 2022 20:00-04:00 Sunday 24.07. in 2022 20:00-04:00 Monday 25.07. in 2022 01:00-04:00 Tuesday 26.07. in 2022 01:00-04:00 Wednesday 27.07. in 2022 01:00-04:00 Thursday 28.07. in 2022 01:00-04:00 Friday 29.07. in 2022 01:00-04:00

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