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MetalDays tickets exchange update! 

As of now, 40% of the requests have been processed, and MetaDays 2022 tickets are with their owners already. 

 We can't wait to meet you all again in 2022.

Those that have requested ticket exchange, but didn't initiate the exchange yet, shall check their inbox/spam folder for the e-mail with exchange instructions.

Those that didn’t yet request exchange/refund shall do it here:
 Deadline is 31.08.2021 at 23:59:59CET

2nd mailout with replacement tickets for MetalDays 2022 will be done after September 1st, and we will inform you about the start in due time.

ATTENTION: If you received more MetalDays tickets than you have made a request for, those tickets (sent in error), will NOT BE VALID. Please, don't try to re-sell them, a person that holds them will not be granted entry to the MetalDays 2022.

Any issues? Contact

We thank you all for the smooth exchange process, and for your ongoing support!!!

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