Want to get more out of your festival without burdening the environment? Join our Green Camp and enjoy an improved camping experience at MetalDays!

The Green Camp is a special area at MetalDays camping, where you will be able to enjoy sustainable and ecological camping on a different level - without anything to worry about! You will be able to rent yourself a pre-pitched cardboard tents (cardboard tents come in various sizes; the biggest KarTentXL can accommodate 4 people!), enjoy the specially designed chill area and charge your phones on solar power phone charging stations.
There will be even a small surprise waiting for you in a goodie bag to boost your festival experience!
Green Camp will be also equiped with KarBins and Ciggy Tubes....and a lot more!


Each component of the Green Camp will be sustainably orientated and used later in a sustainable, upcycled manner.

Book now and get the following:
- Access to the Green Camp Area for the duration of the festival

- Your KarTent is set up and ready as you arrive

- Check-in easily with our crew

- Pimp your tent with ecological materials

- Charge your phone with solar-energy

- Fully circular product, available with sleeping bag or Mattress

And the best thing - all tents are upcycled after the festival!

Are you ready to join the cardboard revolution? Reserve your Spot for the Green Camp today :  https://tickets.kartent.com/festival/metaldays/96

In case you are interested in a second life of your cardboard tent, check the video : https://youtu.be/zC-BARbjyIg.

The KarTents, used at MetalDays festival were already given a second life. Check the items below - all made from KarTents used at MetalDays 2019!

If you are interested in booking a regular pre-pitched tent, you can already  book yourself a pre-pitched regular tent from *mein-zelt-steht-schon* here : https://pier-and-peer.com/sc/MetalDays2020.