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If you are interested in cooperation and wish to apply for MetalDays accreditation, please fill in the form below.

The deadline for submission of your application is 12.6.2020. After this date, we will not accept any other applications. You will be informed of whether you were granted an accreditation or not by 19.6.2020. Changes (for example, in case of illness) are possible until 14.6.2020 only. The organizers have the right to decline any accreditation due to not meeting the deadline, requirements, and conditions or in case of exceeded number of applications without any further explanation.




  • Filled in and submitted application form (below). All fields are mandatory.
  • Please use official working email with company's domain only! (no gmail, hotmail and other generic e-mail addresses please!). If there are more people applying from the same media/company, all should use 1 contact e-mail only!
  • An accreditation for a magazine will be decided partially according to the published materials of past year(s) of the festival (first timers are an exception)
  • For photographers and videographers, the accreditation will be evaluated also considering the quality of the work
  • For web media, it is necessary to provide at least one pre-coverage publication and one article covering a previous edition of MetalDays prior to the festival (first timers are an exception). However, pre-coverages are not a grant for successful application
  • At the same time, with application for press accreditation, media agrees to provide all media outputs of the Festival to the MetalDays team (media@mymusicholiday.com) after publishing or broadcasting their reportages no later than on 30th of October, 2020. Meeting these requirements will be the important factor influencing the process of granting an accreditation for next edition of the MetalDays festival.

All published materials should be sent to official e-mail media@mymusicholiday.com.

Application form submitted is not a guarantee that your press accreditation will be approved. You will be informed about accrediation being approved or denied in a separated e-mail.
If your accreditation will be approved, you need to print your confirmation (with QR code) and bring it, together with a valid personal ID, to the VIP festival entrance, where you will be provided with festival wristband and pass.



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