Ticket exchange - Important information!!

Information regarding MetalDays tickets 2020/2021!!!
Replacement of MetalDays 2020/2021 tickets for MetalDays 2022 tickets will start in August 2021.
We will inform you in time about the start of the ticket exchange.
Please bear with our shop programming team while they prepare the last technical requirements for the exchange.
Q: I requested a ticket exchange/refund, but I didn't receive any confirmation. When will I receive it?
A: Automatic confirmation mail was sent to your e-mail address. Please look in the spam folder as well, and make sure u use the e-mail address you left in the request form.
Q: I bought my ticket in the shop that is not listed in your form.
What shall I do?
A: Just check any shop, we will find your ticket ID.
Q: I sent an e-mail to you but didn't receive any answer.
A: We are a small team that didn't expect a world pandemic. We can't organize MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace and at the same time prepare the exchange of thousands of tickets, and to write to every mail we receive.
...but you can rest assured. We promise that each one of you will get the ticket exchanged or refunded. Just have patience while we bust our a... fighting through this massive pile of s...
Q: Can I re-sell my ticket legally?
A: Yes, you can do it at the TicketSwap.
We are working together with the TicketSwap team on the legal, and safe solution, so every one of you will be able to re-sale the ticket.
In order to be able to do it, you first need to finish your exchange request, as only MetalDays 2022 tickets will be re-sold at the TicketSwap.
2020 and 2021 tickets will be not accepted at the TicketSwap platform.
Make sure you finish your request by September 1st.
After that date, no request is possible anymore.
All other information regarding the exchange, refund, and transfer of tickets can be found at this link: https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets
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