Cashless payment!

Cashless payment on MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace!
Although we have announced that the method of payment at the festival is cash, we have news for you.
Our gastronomy partner decided to organize and set up a cashless payment system at the festival.
For those who know the MetalDays festival, we can say that it is an identical system to which you are accustomed, the only difference is that we (the festival organizers) are not in charge.
All business conditions, information on the use of the card, loading of credit on the card, fee, and information about the company responsible can be found at this link https: //
The responsible company is Amaia Esa d.o.o.
You will be able to buy drinks and food with the card.
Attention! Merch is still sold in cash.
We think this is good news, as you will be able to enjoy yourself without fear of losing money in the river or something like that.
All other information and guidelines will be provided to you at the festival.
We can't wait to see you.
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