Tickets sold out for MD2022

At the moment, tickets for MetalDays 2022 are sold out.
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, and of course to everyone who kept their 2020 and 2021 tickets.
Special thanks to those who donated their tickets to us, and to those who requested a refund we apologize for waiting and we can only say thank you for your patience.
We know there are a lot of you who would like to come to the festival but you didn’t have the opportunity to buy a ticket at the moment, or you just waited too long. For all of you, we can say that additional tickets will probably be on sale again.
We cannot guarantee how many, but we are sure that we will have additional requests for a refund and that there will certainly be a couple of donated tickets, so we will put them up for sale.
In addition, there will certainly be a ticket offer on the TicketSwap platform, and we will inform everyone about that later.
Of course, we will inform everyone about the start of the next sale in time, we think that it will be at the same time as the release of the first confirmed bands for MetalDays 2022.
Enjoy your Sunday.
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