Meet the promoter

Some of you know already about this very unique festival feature and some of you will be surprised.


Do you have any ideas, complaints or just thoughts, that you would like to share with MetalDays festival's promoter, Boban Milunovic? You can do it every day, from Monday, 23.7.2017 till Friday, 27.7.2018, at the Signing session point from 12.00 (noon) to 13:00. You are welcome to stop by and share your constructive ideas with us or even just to say hello. We will do our best to keep them in mind for next year's festival edition.
If there is anything that has to be addressed at the festival, you guys can use this opportunity. Go and speak to Boban and probably most problems will be solved the same day....where it matters most. Waiting after the festival just to write a mail or to share it on social media is just half as good. If there was a problem, it already happened and all we can do is to wait one year to improve it. We believe it is much more constructive to meet the promotor himself and share your ideas or criticism. 

Thank you and see you soon!

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