NO PETS at MetalDays!

Although it is written in our Festival ABC that pets are not permitted in the festival area, we are having troubles every year with some of the visitors, that somehow believe MetalDays festival area is a nice place for a dog (or any other animal).


Well, trust us - it is not. (Too) loud music, plenty of other noise, heavy crowd, weather conditions (that can be extreme such as last year) and many other things are simply not a place a dog (or any other animal) belongs to. Therefor we are reminding you again - it is strictly forbidden to bring any animal to the festival area! Anyone who will try to disobey this very strict rule, will be removed from a festival area with revoked access, without any further explanation.

Please behave responsibly towards your animal companion and leave them at home (or in any other dog hotel or care, that will provide them the care they need).


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