Comfort area upgrade!

Comfort area upgrade!

Comfort Area upgrade is valid just with possision of a valid full festival ticket.

MetalDays 2019 Comfort Area upgrade. The upgrade includes:

- Access to the VIP area with direct view to the Lemmy stage.

- VIP bar

- Indoor toilets

- VIP parking 

- VIP camping with toilets and shower

- Free WiFi

- Access to the festival through Dijaška street (5 min from the city center)

- Comfort Area upgrade is valid from Monday (22.07.2018) – Saturday (22.07.2019)

- VIP AREA will be open MON – SAT from 12.00 – 01.00. 

You can purchase your Comfort upgrade area from 12.4., 12:00 (noon) here :

Please be advised, that only 100 upgrades are available!

See you at MetalDays 2019!



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