Important! Electric generators at the festival

Dear friends, 
Due to massive complaining by fellow visitors and inhabitants of Pod Brajdo street (that is attached to MetalDays Camp), electric generators will be not allowed anymore.

Besides being loud, electric generators are not environmental friendly. 

We know that this will make many of our visitors happy, but there are for sure some who will not like this decision. 
For those, we worked hard on finding a solution; from 2019 on, we will supply our camp with electric power. In 2019, there will be 90 electric outlets at Parking & Camping Area. 
Each is 6 amp and hook-up fee is 80€ (Incl. VAT) for the festival duration. 
Power plug & outlet is Type C (Type C is used in all countries of Europe except for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta).
We will work to expand this offer in the future, which means we will have more electric outlets, and also on other locations in our Camp. 
As we know that 90 electric outlets are not enough for all of you, if you really need electrical power, we suggest the following:
*Visitors arriving with car shall get the solar generators shown on the 2nd picture.
*Visitors arriving by plane, bus, train...shall get the solar generators shown on the 3rd picture. 
Either are affordable and easy to get on Amazon. 

That being said, we wish you all a great stay at MetalDays and we count the days!
Your MetalDays team.