April Fool’s day? Well,...

Yes, it is. The date on the calendar is right. It is April Fool’s day. But it is also our last announcement for MetalDays 2016. And since the universal balance is always taking its toll, we do have some 14 good news and 1 bad.

14 good news are of course the new bands that will be playing on MetalDays 2016 edition; Fleshgod Apocalypse, Pro Pain, Bombus, Misery index, Satan, Gloryhammer, Battlecross, Stormzone, North, Nervochaos, Phantasmagoria, Overoth, Infest and Zix.
For the full lineup please check out our lineup section here :

The bad news we have and we sadly have to share it with you is the cancellation of the band Krisiun. But we found some amazing replacement - Aborted will be our guest this year!

Here is Krisiun's official statement: 

“Hello brothers of Metal in Europe
As some of you might know Krisiun had a few shows and festivals scheduled in Europe for July 2016. But unfortunately the band won't be able to make it. Krisiun is scheduled for another tour in USA which also starts and July, and because our US work visas will expire in August 2016 the best option was to tour in USA, as this will be our last chance to tour in North America this year, and our record label and agency needs us to tour there as much as we do in Europe.

The band will tour Europe with Cannibal Corpse and Hideous Divinity in April/May 2016, there is also another tour in the works for the end of 2016 and the band will be back to Europe in the summer next year and we hope to play the same festivals.
So there will be plenty of chances to check out Krisiun performing anywhere in Europe this year and METALDAYS 2017. Please accept our sincere apologies, we are really sorry for the inconvenience
Thanks a lot for the great support, we see us on the road!

We are truly looking forward to MetalDays 2016 and just in case you are still in doubt - there are less than 1500 tickets still available at our shop:
First come, first served.

Take care and see you all in July in Tolmin!!