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MetalDays is passionate about spreading awareness and bringing Make Music Matter's incredible mental healing program, Healing in Harmony, to our devoted audience. We believe in the power of music to heal and are particularly thrilled to support the impactful work of Healing in Harmony.

Mental health is a journey, and we want to encourage everyone to join us in raising awareness. Let's break the stigma together! Through donations, spreading the word, or even volunteering, you can make a difference.

Join MetalDays in supporting Make Music Matter, because mental health matters, and music has the power to heal. 

Make Music Matter

Uses the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalised individuals and communities. 

How it Works

The Healing in Harmony program offers a unique form of group therapy for survivors of sexual violence and other traumas, as well as those who care for them.

Working in tandem with a trained therapist and music producer, participants begin the healing process by writing, recording and professionally producing songs about their emotions and experiences; simultaneously engaging in therapy and developing their own musical artistry.

The environment created is one of joy and healing, focusing on turning negative thinking patterns into positive and more adaptive ones.

Participants emerge as confident artists and advocates publicly disseminating their music via local radio, community concerts, social media, and major streaming platforms, helping to reduce stigma surrounding sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, poverty, mental illness, displacement/refugee status, and more.

Healing in Harmony has been clinically proven to help reduce depression, anxiety, and PTSD amongst participants.

Why it Works?

Healing in Harmony helps to:

Give participants a new and more effective channel to express their feelings, experiences, and needs in order to cope with their trauma and hardships

Facilitate improved communication with caregivers allowing them to properly identify and address the needs of their patients/the participants

Strengthen the bond of solidarity among survivors and traumatized populations through their participation in music groups, forming peer-to-peer support mechanisms and promoting the emergence of group leaders

Encourage continued contact with local staff and programs for after-care monitoring, evaluation and follow-up

Open channels of communication with family members and traumatized/conflict-affected populations in reintegrating into their families and communities

Combat stigma and helps reduce feelings of isolation

Produce powerful messages for positive change to advocate across regions and cultures in the form of tangible and professionally-produced music that can also be a beacon for others in need of help

Provide support, encouragement and mentoring to partners through an innovative community of practice, including therapists, researchers, music producers and humanitarian professionals, who are all focused on improving the psychosocial well being of traumatized and vulnerable populations

Visit WWW.MAKEMUSICMATTER.ORG for more information and to get involved

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