Besides amazing line up, those who are visiting us regularly already know, that MetalDays is so much more than just music. This year will be no different, as we have prepared plenty of additional activities at MetalDays, where you can enjoy, relax, dance, do your yoga, have fun and most of all - party!

Below is a partial list of activities that we host for you.
We believe, each and everyone of you will find something for himself/herself.

Keep coming back 'cos we will add more content here closer to the festival. 


Stretch your limbs after a hard night of intensive moshing. The class is open and it is appropriate for all levels. Namaste. 

Red-neck Massage
Are you experiencing back pain? Dizziness, Kerry King hairstyle? Have you ever suffered from moshing the morning after? Blisters from circle pit? Do you have nipple moustaches? If you're experiencing all, some or none of this symptoms you should ask your doctor about redneck massage. Tests have shown that redneck massage reduces stress, hangover, mosquito bites and aspirin consumption, while significantly increases band merch ownership. All you need is a friend to come with and most useful thing in the universe – a towel.


METALZA® - Fitness for Metalheads
Move your body, kick & punch and bang your head with instructor Susanne.
After the great success last year we’re glad to offer the dynamic and powerful fitness-workout again as a part of our beach-bar- activities.
The name is program: METALZA is more than a simple workout – it’s a sporting metal-event!  METALZA combines martial arts and dance with headbanging to metal songs. Coach Susanne heats up with lots of new performances to keep the fun and activate you.

Try out and infect you with the special METALZA-feeling!

For activities outside festival area, please visit this link.