New announcement!

It’s happening, folks. 

Live music is coming back, and it’s time for a long-awaited MetalDays 2022 lineup to be announced.
What makes a MetalDays 2022 festival lineup different is the fact that you, our beloved visitors have put this lineup together!

We promised to go through each of your suggestions, and we did it. MetalDays 2022 is pretty much “Most Wanted”, as per your wishes.
Today, we are announcing 15 fantastic bands.
Their shows at MetalDays 2022 are going to make you forget in a heartbeat the last two years without live music. 

Please welcome Testament Jinjer Amenra Decapitated Rotting Christ Orange Goblin GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) Nanowar Of Steel The Great Old Ones NOCTIFERIA The Committee Angelus Apatrida SkyEye Band Countless Skies and Incursed.
We are looking forward to the next announcement, so stay tuned for more!!! It won't take that long.
Tickets are available in our official shop, click on the Shop link in the menu.


You asked, we answered.

You asked we're answering: Your FAQ questions about MetalDays, New Metal Festival, refund, ticket exchange...
By reading your comments we spotted a lot of recurring questions. In this post, we will try to bring together all the hot topics.
- New Metal Festival has been canceled forever. All information about the refund can be found at this link https://www.newmetalfestival.com
-Ticket exchange for MetalDays festival (deadline). All information is on this link https://www.metaldays.net/n108/statement-to-the-tickets-exchange-deadline
- Parking, electricity add-on, and Comfort Zone add-on bought for 2020 and for 2021 don't need to be exchanged for 2022.
All you have to do is to take them with you to the MetalDays 2022.
- Refund MetalDays ticket, Parking, Comfort Zone, Electricity add-on… All information is on this link https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets
- You emailed us at shop@metaldays.net but did not receive a response. There must be some technical problem with our customer support software. We are now installing new software to be sure that your e-mails are landing in the right place. Sorry for your trouble. Please use hello@metaldays.net for the transition period.
- The ticket for 2020 and 2021, which you bought at the 2019 festival, from New Forces bands, on GigGoMe and MH Shop online platform, and you lost it, you can't find it or you don't know its ID number, unfortunately, you can't replace it for 2022, nor you cannot claim a refund.
- Our tickets are not personalized, and we have no info about the ticket holder.We only have ticket ID numbers.
As always so far we would like to thank you for your amazing support. MetalDays 2022 tickets are on sale here https://shop.metaldays.net/produkte/34178-tickets-metaldays-2022-full-festival-ticket-sotocje-tolmin-slovenia-tolmin-am-2022-07-24.
Follow our official channels for all future news.

Your support is priceless!!! 

We're writing this post to thank all visitors of the MetalDays that have unconditionally support us since the very first edition, and especially in the last two hard years.
Since 2013, in the last week of July, we are enjoying the best Metal bands on the planet, the great food, seeing old friends that we haven’t seen in a long time, meeting new ones, and we get lost in the atmosphere of the fantastic Posočje area.
...And none of it would have been possible without you!!!
If you wish to visit MetalDays in many years to come, you can use this link https://www.metaldays.net/p99/donations to help us overcome the devastating impact of the last two MetalDays cancelations.
We will be forever grateful!

Second batch of replacement tickets

MetalDays 2022 ticket exchange update!

Today, 2nd mailout with exchanged tickets for MetalDays 2022 was sent out.
Over 2000 visitors already have received their tickets.
If you’ve requested a ticket exchange, and haven’t received your tickets please make sure you have checked also your spam folder.

For all those who do not have tickets for MetalDays 2022, but want to visit the festival, tickets are on sale again and will remain on sale until the moment when the festival will be sold out.
You can get tickets at this link: https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/metaldays-tickets

You can also buy tickets on the TicketSwap platform and thus support visitors who have bought their tickets but unfortunately can not come to MetalDays 2022.
You can find them at this link: https://www.ticketswap.com/event/metaldays-2022/full-festival-ticket/8037513a-74ec-4958-ab89-072dfe0ebd9f/1777126

Any issues with the tickets? Please contact shop@metaldays.net

Last, but not less important, is that we are working on the lineup for MetalDays 2022, and we can’t wait to present the next confirmed bands to you.

See you in Tolmin, 2022.


Statement to the tickets exchange deadline!

Statement to the tickets exchange deadline!
The deadline was published for the first time on 20.05.2021.
Since then, until 31.08. 2021, we have frequently warned about the deadline on all official channels.
Almost 6000 tickets were sold at MetalDays 2019 and through the New Forces bands, which made sending notifications via e-mails useless. We do not have information about the owners of those tickets, so any question about this sent to our support team can't be answered.
Visitors that have deleted, lost or damaged their tickets, please get in touch with the seller that sold you the tickets. Our support team can't help you with this matter.
Why was the deadline important?
We cannot organize a festival for which we do not know how many tickets have been sold and how many tickets we still need to sell.
Without this deadline, the organization of the festival is almost impossible.
Without clear information on the number of visitors, we cannot continue booking and planning the festival.
We hope this is something that everyone understands, and we also expect you to understand that we are not in a position to reopen ticket replacement requests because it is a never-ending story.
There will always be someone who unfortunately did not read the notice, or was not at home that last day.
Those that have missed the deadline for exchange still have the possibility to request a refund here: https://www.metaldays.net/p91/metaldays-2020-ticket-refund
...or you can donate your tickets for a good cause and buy a new ticket for 2022 right away.
Refunds will be done in stages, starting with tickets with the earliest dates of purchase.
The exact dates will be communicated to you in advance.
Please don't send e-mails to our support team about these topics, as we already explained every detail here.
We are still eternally grateful for your fantastic feedback and the encouragement we received last two years.
We assure you that we, by no means, take this for granted.
Thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing support.

MetalDays 2022 update

MetalDays 2022 update!
More than 80% of ticket replacement requests have been processed, and tickets are already with their owners.
If you’ve requested a ticket exchange, and haven’t received your tickets, don’t worry; a second mailout will be made in the next 14 days, and you surely will get your tickets.
We will inform you about the exact start of the next mailout.
For all those who do not have tickets for MetalDays 2022, but want to visit the festival, tickets are on sale again and will remain on sale until the moment when the festival will be sold out.
You can also buy tickets on the TicketSwap platform and thus support visitors who have bought their tickets but unfortunately can not come to MetalDays 2022.
Any issues with the tickets? Please contact shop@metaldays.net
Last, but not less important, is that we are working on the lineup for MetalDays 2022, and we can’t wait to present the next confirmed bands to you.
See you in Tolmin, 2022.

Customer update

For those visitors who have issues with either a rollover or refund due to pandemics, we are working through your requests currently.
These will take approximately a further 14 days, as each email requires individual attention and element of back and forth, so please do not be concerned if you are still awaiting a reply, it will be coming.

For those that already have MetalDays 2022 tickets but can’t visit the festival, please use TicketSwap to re-sell your ticket. 
This is the only way to re-sell your ticket that is authorized by us (promoters), and as such it gives the needed security to the seller and to the buyer. 

...thanks for staying with us in these difficult times.

40% tickets already exchanged

MetalDays tickets exchange update! 

As of now, 40% of the requests have been processed, and MetaDays 2022 tickets are with their owners already. 

We can't wait to meet you all again in 2022.
Those that have requested ticket exchange, but didn't initiate the exchange yet, shall check their inbox/spam folder for the e-mail with exchange instructions.

Those that didn’t yet request exchange/refund shall do it here: https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets

Deadline is 31.08.2021 at 23:59:59CET

2nd mailout with replacement tickets for MetalDays 2022 will be done after September 1st, and we will inform you about the start in due time.
ATTENTION: If you received more MetalDays tickets than you have made a request for, those tickets (sent in error), will NOT BE VALID.
Please, don't try to re-sell them, a person that holds them will not be granted entry to the MetalDays 2022.
Any issues? Contact shop@metaldays.net

We thank you all for the smooth exchange process, and for your ongoing support!!!

Začetek menjave vstopnic!

Zamenjava vstopnic za festival se je pričela. Prejeli boste dva e-maila (kot vidite na fotografijah), prosimo sledite navodilom.

Danes je bilo izvedeno prvo pošiljanje, naslednje, drugo pošiljanje pa bo izvedeno po 1.setembru.

Če svojih vstopnic ne prejmete tudi po drugem pošiljanju, nas kontaktirajte na shop@metaldays.net.

Hvala za vaše potrpljenje, se vidimo na MetalDays 2022!


Ticket exchange start!

The tickets exchange has begun (even one day earlier as promised). 


You will receive two e-mails (as shown in the photos), and all you need to do is to follow the instructions. 


This is the 1st mailout. 2nd mailout will happen after September 1st. 


If you didn't get your tickets in the 1st mailout, don’t panic, yours will be mailed out after September 1st. 

If you don't get yours also in the 2nd mail out, just drop us a message on shop@metaldays.net, and we will sort it out. 



Thank you for your patience. 

See you in 2022!


Inforfmacija o zamenjavi oz.vračilu vstopnic!

Hvala za vso izkazano podporo festivalu MetalDays, ki ste jo izkazali s tem da ste obdržali svoje 2020/2021 vstopnice za MetalDays 2022!
Želeli bi vas še enkrat spomniti, da je potrebno za zamenjavo vstopnice 2020/2021 izpolniti in oddati zahtevek na spletni strani https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets
Pomembno : obrazec bo na voljo zgolj do 31.avgusta 2021, do 23.59 ure.
Če nas želite podpreti, lahko storite to najenostavnejše tako, da obdržite vstopnico za naslednje leto. Le z vašo pomočjo bomo lahko preživeli vse ovire, ki nam stojijo na poti.
Če bi želeli iz kateregakoli razloga vračilo kupnine za vstopnico 2020/2021, lahko to storite z oddanim zahtevkom na spletni strani (https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets), najkasneje do 31.avgusta 2021 do 23:59 ure.
Rok, ki smo ga postavili je za organizacijo festivala MetalDays 2022 esencialnega pomena, saj potrebujemo jasne smernice, koliko zamenjav vstopnic in koliko zahtevkov za vračilo kupnine je oddanih. Ves ta čas od septembra 2021 naprej bomo posvetili organizaciji in prodaji vstopnic za MetalDays 2022; zato moramo biti absolutno prepričani o številu vstopnic, ki jih lahko sprostimo v prodajo. V časih ki smo jih preživeli in ki so še pred nami šteje namreč prav vsaka prodana vstopnica za festival MetalDays 2022.
Hvala za vaše razumevanje.
Trenutno sestavljamo line-up za festival MetalDays 2022. Verjamemo, da bo nepozabno.

Ticket exchange/refund info!

Thank you so much for your continuing support by keeping your 2020/2021 tickets for the next year's MetalDays 2022!
Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that you have to request a ticket exchange here https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets
The exchange option will be available until 23:59, August 31st. 2021.
If you’d like to support us, the best way to do so is by keeping your ticket for the next year.
Only thanks to you were we able to overcome these difficult times last year and now we’d like to ask for your continuing support.
If for any reason you wish to return the ticket, follow the instructions here: https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets and initiate refund until 23:59, August 31st. 2021.
This deadline is absolutely essential for the festival, as we must be 100% sure how many exchanges. and how many refunds we have, and we need all that time from September 2021 until the MetalDays 2022 to be able to sell all tickets that we will put back on sale. We can't risk anything and we need every ticket to be sold if we want to keep this festival alive.
We are thankful for your understanding.
We are currently working on confirming the line-up for the next year.

Mercyful Fate @MD2022!

Mercyful Fate is the main headliner for MetalDays 2022.
Without debate, Mercyful Fate was the most sought-after band in all the lineup discussions, and that’s why we’re more than happy to be able to share this news with you today.
Mercyful Fate was formed in early 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by vocalist King Diamond and guitar player Hank Shermann.
The band was soon in heavy rotation around the core metal radio stations, starting a new breed in Heavy Metal with their unique sound.
Mercyful Fate is widely considered as one of the most important bands for the creation of modern Metal.
Having such an influential band, for the main headliner at MetalDays 2022 is something that makes us very proud.
On the same occasion, we would like to inform you that 300 tickets for MetalDays 2022 have been put back on sale.
In addition, we are working diligently on the confirmation of other bands, and we expect to announce the rest of the lineup soon.
See you all at MetalDays 2022, you don't want to miss this edition !!!

Ticket exchange - Important information!!

Information regarding MetalDays tickets 2020/2021!!!
Replacement of MetalDays 2020/2021 tickets for MetalDays 2022 tickets will start in August 2021.
We will inform you in time about the start of the ticket exchange.
Please bear with our shop programming team while they prepare the last technical requirements for the exchange.
Q: I requested a ticket exchange/refund, but I didn't receive any confirmation. When will I receive it?
A: Automatic confirmation mail was sent to your e-mail address. Please look in the spam folder as well, and make sure u use the e-mail address you left in the request form.
Q: I bought my ticket in the shop that is not listed in your form.
What shall I do?
A: Just check any shop, we will find your ticket ID.
Q: I sent an e-mail to you but didn't receive any answer.
A: We are a small team that didn't expect a world pandemic. We can't organize MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace and at the same time prepare the exchange of thousands of tickets, and to write to every mail we receive.
...but you can rest assured. We promise that each one of you will get the ticket exchanged or refunded. Just have patience while we bust our a... fighting through this massive pile of s...
Q: Can I re-sell my ticket legally?
A: Yes, you can do it at the TicketSwap.
We are working together with the TicketSwap team on the legal, and safe solution, so every one of you will be able to re-sale the ticket.
In order to be able to do it, you first need to finish your exchange request, as only MetalDays 2022 tickets will be re-sold at the TicketSwap.
2020 and 2021 tickets will be not accepted at the TicketSwap platform.
Make sure you finish your request by September 1st.
After that date, no request is possible anymore.
All other information regarding the exchange, refund, and transfer of tickets can be found at this link: https://www.metaldays.net/p95/metaldays-202020212022-tickets

Weekend of Solace - first impressions

First day of MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace is behind us, and what a great day it was. Seeing all the smiling faces, people having fun, listening to great music,...We are slowly starting day #2, with another sunny day in front of us, some great bands : INMATE, Morost, SkyEye Band, and Moonspell. Tickets are still available at the Box office, so there is still some time to catch and join us at the best summer party this year!The festival is taking place under the conditions about vaccination, testing and recovered from Covid, as were given yesterday morning before the festival start by the governmental officials, that have visited us at the festival site; rest assured, safety of our visitors is our priority. See you today!
Včerajšnji prvi dan festivala je za nami, fantastičen dan! Lepo je bilo videti vse nasmejane obraze in ljudi, ki uživajo v dobro glasbi. Danes se nam bodo na festivalu pridružili INMATE, Morost, SkyEye Band IN Moonspell. Vstopnice so na voljo tudi na bone na vhodu na festival (Box office), kot pa smo že napisali se boni lahko koristijo izključno za vstopnice in ne za hrano, pijačo in ostalo na samem festivalu. Festival poteka v skladu s pogoji PCT, ustrezna navodila za izvajanje ukrepov v so bila izdana s strani zdravstvene inšpekcije, ki nas je obiskala na festivalu že pred samim odprtjem; lahko ste prepričani, da je varnost naših obiskovalcev naša prioriteta.
Pridružite se nam!

Vstopnice na bone!

Slovenskim obiskovalcem, ki so se odločili za nakup vstopnice in plačilo s turističnim bonom na prireditvi, svetujemo, naj nas spremljajo na družbenih omrežjih.
Nakup vstopnice za omenjene bone je mogoč le na festivalu!
V primeru, da bo festival razprodan, vstopnice ne bodo vec v prodaji, zato se lahko v Tolmin vozite zastonj.
Svetujemo vam, da vstopnice kupite v spetni trgovini, ker:
1. so 14 € so cenejše kot na festivalu
2. Se Ne more zgoditi, da ne dobiš vstopnice, ko si že v Tolminu.

Hofer - official festival shop!

Also this year we are supported by HOFER.
HOFER is our long-term partner who understands our environmental strategy and supports us in doing so.
We are happy that they supported us this year as well, at an event that is more than important for the survival of the MetalDays festival.
We hereby invite you to look for all the necessary groceries and equipment for relaxed camping in the HOFER store, which is located on the roundabout near Pod Brajdo Street in Tolmin.
Due to state instructions on checking "PCT" in connection with the covid pandemic, the only entrance to MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace is on Dijaska Street, so we would like to inform you that you use Dijaska Street to Hofer, and of course to everything you want in Tolmin fast during the event.
We do not recommend crossing the meadow, which is otherwise a camp for MetalDays, because you will not be able to go out or enter the festival area from that side.
For a better understanding please check the festival map here: https://www.metaldays.net/p96/info.

Cashless payment!

Cashless payment on MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace!
Although we have announced that the method of payment at the festival is cash, we have news for you.
Our gastronomy partner decided to organize and set up a cashless payment system at the festival.
For those who know the MetalDays festival, we can say that it is an identical system to which you are accustomed, the only difference is that we (the festival organizers) are not in charge.
All business conditions, information on the use of the card, loading of credit on the card, fee, and information about the company responsible can be found at this link https: //www.barcatering.si
The responsible company is Amaia Esa d.o.o.
You will be able to buy drinks and food with the card.
Attention! Merch is still sold in cash.
We think this is good news, as you will be able to enjoy yourself without fear of losing money in the river or something like that.
All other information and guidelines will be provided to you at the festival.
We can't wait to see you.

Stage times!

Stage Time has been announced!
Surely you are all already curiously awaiting this announcement, and the wait has come to an end.
Below are the performance times of all the bands for all three days.
We can't wait for the party to start!

MIST 17:50 - 18:50
SRD 19:20 - 20:20
METALSTEEL 20:50 - 22:00
DECAPITATED 22:30 - 00:00

INMATE 17:50 - 18:50
MOROST 19:20 - 20:20
SKYEYE 20:50 - 22:00
MOONSPELL 22:30 - 00:00
MANNTRA 17:50 - 18:50
BRUTAL SPHINCTER 19:20 - 20:20
NOCTIFERIA 20:50 - 22:00
IGORRR 22:30 - 00:00
All additional information can be found here: https://www.metaldays.net/p96/info

Update!! Please read!


Please read the whole text. There is some new info added. 

All information about MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace in one place!!!

(If we missed something, we will still add it to this list, so please keep coming back to check this info). 

Please notice that promoters have to follow the regulation given by the authorities. We are not in the position to change them, nor to make them the way we and you would like to. 

Click on the photo!

Running order & 1-day tickets!

Running order & 1day tickets!
We are happy to announce the running order for MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace.
After 18 long and silent months, we can't wait to see you all in front of the stage!
Also, 1day tickets are on sale now.
Festival tickets for the already legendary event, are still available here https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/metaldays-tickets
See you all in Tolmin.

MetalDays 2022 on sale again!

Limited amount of 200 Tickets for MetalDays 2022 are now on sale !!!

You can order them here : https://shop.metaldays.net/produkte/34178-tickets-metaldays-2022-full-festival-ticket-sotocje-tolmin-slovenia-tolmin-am-2022-07-23.


Festival ABC! All information in one place.

All information about MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace in one place!!!

(If we missed something, we will still add it to this list, so please keep coming back to check this info).

!!! Please notice that promoters have to follow the regulation given by the authorities. We are not in the position to change them, nor to make them the way we and you would like to. 
Click on the photo for the full text.


Novi boni - Slovenija

Turisticni boni veljajo za kulturne prireditve! ‼️
Vlada je sprejela nov interventni zakon, z uvedbo novih bonov, ki jih je mogoče koristiti tudi za kulturne prireditve.
Z veseljem bomo sprejeli bon kot nadomestilo za vstopnico za Metaldays - The Weekend of Solace.
Nakup festivalske vstopnice za bone je možen izključno in samo na blagajni na glavnem vhodu dogodka z veljavnim osebnim dokumentom.
Vse ostale podrobnosti o koriščenju bonov bomo sporočili še naknadno.
Boni se lahko koristijo izključno za nakup vstopnice na festival, ne veljajo pa za nobeno ostalo storitev na festivalu; torej ne veljajo za nakup hrane, pijače, festivalskega mercha itd.
Pomembno : festival nima posebnih vstopnic, namenjenih za koriščenje turističnih bonov. Vkolikor bo festival vnaprej razprodan, se vstopnic na festivalski blagajni ne bo dalo več kupiti, zato si jih zagotovite pravočasno.

Lineup completed!

Four fantastic bands have been added to the lineup for MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace!
Manntra Mist Morost and INMATE conclude the lineup.
The festival is limited to 3,000 festival tickets and we think it will be sold out soon.
One-day tickets go on sale on July 1, 2021. Limited to 1000.
All relevant information about the festival (testing, festival map, rules, camping,…) will be published tomorrow.
No need to ask in the comments as most of the stuff was posted already.
All you have to do is scroll on the FB wall or visit www.metaldays.net and you will find all the information.
We can't wait to have fun together with you in Tolmin!

Tickets available for all!

Tickets for MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace are now available for everyone.
Thanks to everyone who booked tickets and used the "secret link" to order their reserved tickets.
After two canceled MetalDays editions, this event is something we all need, and meeting all dear friends in Tolmin will be the highlight of this summer.
For all of you who want to be a part of this event that will surely have a special place in the history of MetalDays, you can buy your tickets here or by clicking on the photo : https://shop.metaldays.net/produkte/34981-tickets-metaldays-2021-sotocje-tolmin-slovenia-tolmin-am-2021-07-29
* MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace is limited to 3000 festival tickets and 1000 one-day tickets. One-day tickets will be on sale 20.07.2021
** 4 more bands will be announced soon.
*** The festival map and all relevant information will be published during this week.

Ticket sale for reservations!

Good news!!!
The ticket link was sent already to those who reserved the ticket for MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace!

With the link, you have an advantage when buying a ticket over those who have not booked a ticket. 
Please, keep your word and order the ticket now. 

You have enough time until Tuesday, 06.07. to complete your order, after that the tickets go on sale.
Please keep in mind that this event is limited to 3000 visitors, so make sure you finish your order in time.


Weekend of Solace is on!

2011 reservations! You did it, thank you so very much!
We can move now to the next step:
on Friday, all of you who have reserved a ticket will receive an e-mail link with which you can buy a ticket, and in this way, you will have an advantage over those who have not reserved a ticket.
You will have time to place your order until Tuesday. After that, tickets will be on sale for everyone.
Be sure to control your spam folder as well.
We decided to limit MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace to 3000 festival tickets, and an additional 1000 1day tickets.
More visitors would mean we have to provide and rent a lot more space for camping and parking, as well as much bigger infrastructure, and such costs cannot be covered with such a low ticket price.
We can't wait to meet you all again for the epic gathering after two lost MetalDays editions!

Important info - Read please!

ll information about MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace in one place!!! (If we missed something, we will still add it to this list).

Tolmin, Slovenia, MetalDays 2nd stage.
Ticket price?
79 € (camping and parking included in the price).
For now, Moonspell, Igorrr, Decapitated, SkyEye, Noctiferia, Metalsteel, Srd and Brutal Sphincter have been confirmed and announced.
Will there be more bands?
4 more bands will be announced after the tickets sale starts.
When do tickets sales start?
Immediately after we collect 2000 reservations for the event.
Until when are reservations collected?
Until 01.07.2021

Band announcement!

As unrealistic as this may seem, it happens!
Overjoyed just to be able to share with you a lineup for MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace.
Moonspell, Igorrr, Decapitated, SkyEye Band, NOCTIFERIA, Metalsteel, @SRD and Brutal Sphincter are the first confirmed bands. 4 more bands will be released soon.
We have just deepest respect for all confirmed bands, for being prepared to travel to Tolmin on such short notice and for such low fee's.
That's the spirit!!!
This will be an event that will surely go down in the history of the MetalDays festival and we believe it will be unforgettable, so you surely should not miss this one.
But to get there at all, we need 2000 reservations. We are currently at 1012, which is actually fantastic!
Make a reservation, and be a part of this event, you will not regret it!
Click on the photo for more information and reservations!

Weekend of Solace info!

MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace update!
727 reservations until this moment!
Thank you for your trust and support, but don't forget that we need 2000 or more reservations to make it happen, and we need them until 01.07. to be able to finish the production of the MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace.
As you can imagine, this is a very very last-moment production, and there is massive work to be done.
We will give our best to provide all needed information about testing, camping, venue setup, accommodation, and the rest as soon as possible. Expect it by the end of the week.
The lineup is in making and we love the progress...but we can just say if you want to be part of this just go ahead and reserve your ticket. 
Click on the photo for more information!

Weekend of Solace!

MetalDays - The Weekend of Solace! (click on the photo)!
Slovenian Government has just announced an additional lift of covid precautions, and this made our decision final...MetalDays -The Weekend of Solace will be held in Tolmin on 29.07.-31.08.2021 at the MetalDays 2nd stage area.
"As of Monday, restaurants will be able to open longer, there will be fewer restrictions on events, and even nightclubs and discos will open. But they can only operate until midnight, and the condition is “RVT”: Recovered, Vaccinated, Tested (negative). The test shall not be older than 48 hours. Seats at concerts are no longer mandatory, but again an “RVT” condition and a meter between visitors are mandatory."
After last summer without MetalDays, meeting some of you again will be just amazing, do you agree? 

The lineup is in making and we are happy with the development.
The first bands will be announced soon!
Even though this is a tiny event, it does produce a lot of costs that can’t be ignored.
We need at least 2000 attendees at the ticket price of 79€ (camping, and parking included) just to cover the costs.
After losing 2 MetalDays editions, Winter Days of Metal, and Headbanger’s Holiday we are broke, and can’t lose any more money.
We are collecting the reservations until July 1st.
It is an easy thing; 2000 or more reservations mean we party.
Less than 2000 mean we are not doing it.

Tickets sold out for MD2022

At the moment, tickets for MetalDays 2022 are sold out.
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, and of course to everyone who kept their 2020 and 2021 tickets.
Special thanks to those who donated their tickets to us, and to those who requested a refund we apologize for waiting and we can only say thank you for your patience.
We know there are a lot of you who would like to come to the festival but you didn’t have the opportunity to buy a ticket at the moment, or you just waited too long. For all of you, we can say that additional tickets will probably be on sale again.
We cannot guarantee how many, but we are sure that we will have additional requests for a refund and that there will certainly be a couple of donated tickets, so we will put them up for sale.
In addition, there will certainly be a ticket offer on the TicketSwap platform, and we will inform everyone about that later.
Of course, we will inform everyone about the start of the next sale in time, we think that it will be at the same time as the release of the first confirmed bands for MetalDays 2022.
Enjoy your Sunday.

All info in one place!

All current essential information in one place!
* MetalDays and parking 2022 tickets sale: 

*When will you receive your ticket that you ordered for the MetalDays 2022?

Right after your order payment is cleared your e-ticket for the MetalDays 2022 will be sent to your e-mail address. Please also look in your spam folder. 

* Exchange of the MetalDays 2020/2021 tickets for MetalDays 2022 tickets: 

* Exchange of the parking, electricity, and comfort zone MetalDays 2020/2021 for the MetalDays 2022:
Parking, electricity, and the comfort zone for MetalDays 2020/2021 are valid ​for the Metaldays 2022. Take them with you, no additional action is required.

* Refund of the parking, electricity, and the comfort zone for MetalDays 2020/2021: 

Please click on the photo for more information!!

Tickets for MD2022 on sale!

MetalDays 2022 tickets are on sale now! 

We are releasing now last 1000 tickets for MetalDays 2022, so if you wanna be there (‘cos we don’t know how long this party is going to last in Tolmin), you better hurry up. 

There will be no additional tickets on sale. Our number is 12000 visitors, and we stick to that. 

MetalDays 2020 and 2021 were canceled because of the pandemic, but we expect to once again welcome all of you in 2022. 

Visit our official shop to get your ticket for MetalDays 2022, and be part of the best Metal Vacation on the planet.

Keep follow MetalDays on FB, IG andwww.metaldays.net for all additional information about the lineup, 2020/2021 tickets exchange, and all MetalDays and New Metal Festival related topics.

Rock on!

All tickets related questions!

All your ticket-related questions answered!
(This info is valid for New Metal Festival too)
Please read it carefully. We will not answer your mails that contains questions that are already answered here. 
Thx for your understanding. 
Your MetalDays/New MetalFestival 2020, and 2021 tickets are not valid anymore. But don’t worry you can exchange them for MetalDays/New MetalFestival 2022 tickets. 

New (exchanged) tickets will be valid also in very unlikely situation of changing the location or dates. 

You can now choose from 3 options. For more information click on the photo.


MetalDays 2021 canceled

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, MetalDays 2021 is canceled.
As of now Slovenian Government has not provided any sufficient information if larger events will be allowed or not in Slovenia this summer. At the moment, gatherings to 50 people only are allowed, and this left us with no better option.
Even though we are sorry, it is a relief to be able to provide a clarification to everyone who has been waiting for it. We’ll roll up our sleeves and start all over now.

MetalDays has gone through many ups and downs and have always managed to provide the right answers, thanks to the honest and flexible approach.
Covid is the greatest challenge of our recent history, but as always our goal is to fight all the obstacles, and to send a positive message of hope to all our visitors, bands, friends, fellow festivals and our crew! 

And the most positive message we can send is pretty simple: MetalDays will survive and will happen again year after year!

For more information, click on the photo.

Decision pending.

Dear All,
we promised to announce today whether MetalDays 2021 will take place or be canceled.While we would be very happy to be able to share this information with you today, we must ask you to wait with us until 20.05.2021.
Around that date, the Slovenian government should announce whether festivals will be allowed this summer and for how many visitors. At the same time, they should announce whether they have accepted a scheme that guarantees risk-taking in the event of festival cancellation. This waiting is just as hard for us as it is for you, but we have no other choice right now. Honestly, we do not hope that a festival for 12,000 will be possible, but we hope that a smaller event of up to 1000-2000 people will be allowed. We have no idea what protection measures will be mandatory, but judging by the latest instructions from the National Institute of Public Health, we do not expect anything meaningful. (among other things, they suggest that musicians wear masks on stage, and musicians who play trumpets, fallutes, and the like wear masks with mouth holes). No comment.
We know you have a lot of questions, but please wait until 20.05. because then we will be able to answer them.
If you want to support the festival you can do so at these two links:
The MetalDays team wishes you a pleasant weekend!

MetalDays needs your help!

There is not much to say. If someone would tell us not so long ago that we will be starting GoFundMe campaign, we would not believe.
With no governmental support this is the only possibility to keep this festival alive.
Long story short, until now there has been no clear instructions from authorities about festival season 2021, so with every day we are more away from 12000 people party that we all are hoping for. There are no any signs at the moment that any events on larger scale (from 100 visitors onward) will be possible this summer in Slovenia.
We are ready and we can only wait.
You can support us with ordering something from our official shop https://shop.metaldays.net/kategorien/merchandise like official merch, 1000 pieces puzzle or surprise package.
...or you can simply klick of the photo below and donate to our GoFundMe campaign : https://gofund.me/975d55fe.
Thank you!!!

Support MetalDays!

Dear friends, MetalDays needs your help.
Due to the pandemic that was declared in March 2020, we are without operation for 2nd year in a row.
We need financial support to keep our operations alive, to keep our crew employed, to be able to pay our monthly costs, and to be able to work on a future edition of MetalDays in form of planning, artists-booking, and production pre-work.
With ordering MetalDays merch you are helping MetalDays in these strange and difficult times.
In our official store there is something for every taste.
We hope you can find something for you.