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"In a very short space of time, the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 has put the whole world in an extraordinary and worrisome situation. A situation that we handle best by not doing what would otherwise seem like the most human thing to do when the world is against us – getting together. Instead, we must now keep our distance to each other. We must take care of our communityby not being together."

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New announcement!

Another announcement, this time with 7 great names - Naglfar, Blood Red Throne - Official, Hegemone, Noctem, Ritual Day, TRUCHŁO STRZYGI, Whiskey Ritual - added to the lineup!

MetalDays offers the best of both worlds : amazing and breathtaking surroundings of pristine nature, joined with the best artists and bands metal genre has to offer. Are you ready for the best Summer Metal party there is?

More than 10 000 tickets for MetalDays 2020 are sold already, so hurry up and get yours in time!

Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020.


Save the summer!

Together with organizers from all over Europe, we support the "Save The Summer" campaign. Because if we strictly adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Health in the near future, we will not only save human lives, but also our well-deserved summer. So if you don't want to do without a summer full of festivals, concerts, gardening sessions, holidays, sports, barbecues etc., you stay at home, wash and disinfect your hands several times a day and reduce social contacts only to emergencies. Together we will defeat this virus!
There is currently no danger to our festival, so let's see that it stays that way!


Covid-19 update.

As you probably know, some events got cancelled. We understand that this makes you wonder what is the situation with MetalDays.
Let's make it short: as of now MetalDays 2020 will take place as scheduled and we can't wait to welcome you once again.
Needless to say, we will inform you about any change.
See you all in Tolmin!


Another announcement!

Another announcement, another 5 great names - Death Angel, CRO-MAGS, Official Darkest Hour, BAEST, Hellripper - added to the lineup.

More than 10 000 tickets for MetalDays 2020 are sold already, so hurry up and get yours in time!
Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020.


Comfort area, Electricity & Parking tickets!

Comfort Area, Camping Electricity Hook Up and Festival Parking!

All services are now on sale at: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020

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New line up announcement!

With the addition of these 12 amazing names - Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Sick Of It All, Toxic Holocaust, MALEVOLENCE, For I Am King, Bound To Prevail, Demonic Resurrection, Darkfall, Pilgrimage, The Committee - band, Chains (Official) and SkyEye Band the lineup for MetalDays 2020 just got even better. We cannot wait to announce the full line up, so stay tuned!


Tickets at this moment still available at https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020 but they are running out fast! Get yours in time!


Update on bypass road in Tolmin

Today we had meeting with authorities in charge with bypass road in Tolmin that will cut MetalDays venue in half.
Unofficially they informed us that works would not start before September 2021, so that means one more year in Tolmin, at least.
Beside that, we can't say anything new in terms what will happen once road is build. No news so far. Everybody is ready to make this work, and we would like to thank all sides involved in this.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 2020.
We will keep you posted.


New announcement for MD2020!

Devin Townsend, Cypecore, Green Carnation, Oceans of Slumber and Møl added to the lineup!

Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020

See you in Tolmin in July!


Green Camp!


Want to get more out of your festival without burdening the environment? Join our Green Camp and enjoy an improved camping experience at MetalDays!

The Green Camp is a special area at MetalDays camping, where you will be able to enjoy sustainable and ecological camping on a different level - without anything to worry about! You will be able to rent yourself a pre-pitched cardboard tents (cardboard tents come in various sizes; the biggest KarTentXL can accommodate 4 people!), enjoy the specially designed chill area and charge your phones on solar power phone charging stations.
There will be even a small surprise waiting for you in a goodie bag to boost your festival experience!
Green Camp will be also equiped with KarBins and Ciggy Tubes....and a lot more!

More info and booking : https://www.metaldays.net/p66/camping-rent-a-tent.



AGF award 2019! 4th in a row!

MetalDays has just received A Greener Festival Award for the 4th year in the row! Thanks to the AGF association, the assessors and everyone else for making this possible. Special thanks to all our visitors, we couldn’t make it without you.
Let’s make MetalDays even more greener place!


New band announcement!

Amon Amarth, 1914, Beyond Creation, Katla. and Warkings are added to the festival lineup!


Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020


See you this summer in Tolmin!


5 new bands added!

5 new bands added to the lineup! At The Gates, Benediction, Cattle Decapitation, Dark Fortress and Vulture Industries will be joining us on MetalDays 2020!

Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020







New lineup announcement! As I Lay Dying to headline MetalDays 2020! Yes, you read that well! As I Lay Dying are back and they are coming to Tolmin to fire up the atmosphere to the max. Definitely one of the names we have been waiting for quite a while. New additions to the lineup are also Clutch, Jinjer, Rome, Orbit Culture and Voices. 

Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020.
More than 7000 tickets are sold already. Thank you so much!



Bands selling tickets for MetalDays 2020!

By buying tickets directly from the bands, you are supporting them and the future of Metal!

Click on the photo to see the list of bands selling tickets for MetalDays 2020. 

NOTE: There are only 500 Hardcopy tickets available, so grab yours in time!


Anthrax to headline MetalDays 2020!

ANTHRAX to headline Metaldays 2020! After 14 long years, Anthrax is coming back to Tolmin. A band like this needs no special introduction - we just cannot wait to see them live! They will be playing together with new additions : ASPHYX, DESASTER, HAVOK and YEAR OF THE GOAT.


Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020


NMF Line up announcement

Arises, Beyond God, Dethrone The Corrupted, Fields Of Troy, HATS BARN, INSOLVENCY, Rhemorha, When Plagues Collide to play at New Metal Festival 2020! Countless Skies, Incursed, INFINITAS , MOLYBARON, Scardustand TELEPORT are New Forces 2019 winners and they earned their slot at New Metal Festival as well, where they will have the chance to perform on a bigger stage and in front of a larger audience.

Tickets are limited to 5000 and are on sale at https://giggome.com/gigshow/501-new-metal-festival-2020.


5 new bands added to the lineup!

MetalDays festival 2020 lineup is even more cool with 5 more bands added : Rotting Christ, Despised Icon, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals performing a Vulgar Display of Pantera, Wormrot and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Tickets, transport and accommodation: https://giggome.com/gigshow/500-metaldays-festival-2020.



New Forces 2019 winners!

Decaying Days, Convictive, Eternal Delyria, Signs of Algorithm, and The Privateer to open MetalDays 2020 main stage!

We are happy to announce our 2019 winners, and we expect nothing but great shows from each an every one of them.
All five bands have bright future in Metal, so be there to support them!


First 2 New Metal Festival headliners!

HateSphere and Rectal Smegma to headline the first edition of New Metal Festival!

We are happy to announce two killer headliners for this unique festival.
14 more bands are to be announced very soon.

You have a killer new band and you would like to present your music to a bigger audience?
New Metal Festival is the place to be!
More info at www.newmetalfestival.com

Tickets for the New Metal Festival available at https://giggome.com/gigshow/501-new-metal-festival-2020!


Information about MetalDays 2020 Early Arrival!

Early Arrival that you know will not be possible anymore.
MetalDays 2020 starts on Sunday, July 26th at 00:00.

If you would like to arrive earlier, instead of paying MetalDays Early Arrival fee, you just need to buy ticket for the New Metal Festival which starts on Friday, July 24th at 08:00.
Concerts are on Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th at the MetalDays Boško Bursać (2nd stage).
Prices for the New Metal Festival are:
Festival ticket (July 24-26): 25€ + commission.
1day ticket (July 25 or 26): 15€ + commission
Tickets available here : https://giggome.com/gigshow/501-new-metal-festival-2020.