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Meshuggah - The Koloss at Metaldays!

Another Metal-highlight confirmed for your METALDAYS: MESHUGGAH!
The Swedish combo went down in metal-history due to their subtle sense for song-construction and polyrhythm and is unlimited admired for their incomparable style and genre-mixture.
"Koloss" is the title of their latest output, which has become a true feast for friends of brain-blowing-out-music. Don’t miss this universe of sounds created live by MESHUGGAH in Slovenia!



While everything is pretty much rushed these days, some bands need, or better, take their time to come up with an new album. MESHUGGAH is one of these bands and you always know it was worth the wait once you listen to a new MESHUGGAH record for the first time. Also no wonder, it takes some time and effort to come up with what got known as math metal – right? A genre and a trademark, Tomas Haake & Co. invented!

However – after switch-flipping the metal community upside down again with their most recent efforts, “Alive” (CD/DVD, 2010) and the critically acclaimed last studio album “obZen” (2008) and continuously touring the entire globe, in early 2011 the iconic band got back to their very own studio vault to record one giant monster of an album. The outcome, fittingly entitled “Koloss”, stunningly showcases the bands complexity, diversity, adding a more groovy and rocky edge to it which again revolutionizes MESHUGGAHs very own sound by making it a slight bit more catchy but still destroying just everything in it's wake.

2012 still showcases MESHUGGAH on top of the game that has been extended, renamed and what not by a whole lot of new bands, that try to reach out to the godfathers of math, jazz, djent or whatever-you-wanna-call-it metal, might come close, but never will deliver as these Swedes do for more than 20 years now.



Jens Kidman - vocals
Fredrik Thordendal - guitars
Mårten Hagström - guitars
Tomas Haake - drums
Dick Lövgren - bass
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