ARCHIVE / Meta-stasis

(United Kingdom)

Meta-stasis - playing on Metaldays!

Ready to get butchered at Metaldays? Under the banner titled META-STASIS ex-members of bands like Ted Maul, Man Must Die, Rise To Remain ans Sikth came together to create a virus killing the world by extreme, experimental Death Metal music. For sure, there do not exist any chances for cure! These squadrons hailing from the UK convince of use of rapid chainsaw-guitars and forcible percussion drills. Certainly there’s one topic for them which makes sense: „Guts and Glory!”

META-STASIS are a new super group born of members from ‘Ted Maul’, ‘Man Must Die’ & ‘Rise To Remain’, gestating from the darkest depths of madness. Already being hailed as one of the most brutal and new savage acts to come out of the UK, Meta-stasis are just getting started with the release of their debut album ‘When The Mind Departs the Flesh’ in 2012 yet the sickos are already preparing their second album soon to be produced by the savage Scott Atkins (Grindstone Studio).

Meta-stasis are spread their disease with their rapidly ever-growing fan base so strap up and feel the life changing patterns of destruction through their music and come on a journey of psychotic inception!




Nick "Barboon" Hassan
Paul "Orbitoclast" Voulgaridis
Josh "The Memnock" Hammond
Matt "The Beast" Holland

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