ARCHIVE / Kissin Dynamite


Kissin Dynamite - on Metaldays!!

„Money, Sex & Power!” Following this motto and Rock’n’Roll-philosophy, the German heavy metallers of KISSIN' DYNAMITE attend attraction to the whole scene worldwide.

This tradition-loving Sleaze Metal commando conquers the stages since 2006 and demonstrates from one release to the next, that they are definitely more than just a modern copy of their legendary heroes such as Mötley Crüe, WASP or Steel Panther. KISSIN DYNAMITE know to make you feel dirty with songs played tight, dynamically and styled in a 80ties retro-look. Come on and experience the new dimension of Glam and Heavy Rock!



Johannes Braun - vocals
Ande Braun - guitar
Jim Müller - guitar
Steffen Haile - bass
Andi Schnitzler - drums

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