ARCHIVE / Enslaved


Enslaved - confirmed for Metaldays

This Northern Avantgarde will once again go on the high and stormy sea! The wind couldn't be more frosty, when the modern Vikings of ENSLAVED occupy new territories. The stories they tell in their songs lead the listeners back to the flowering time of the horned buccaneers hailing from the dark North. Chieftain Grutle Kjellson and his comrades give the Scandinavian darkness a progressive, atmospheric and sinister sound-body, which can simply be described as unique and fascinating! Under the spiritual banner of Thorshammer, these Norwegian pagan-lords will conquer METALDAYS Festival. Besides ENSLAVED has a new battle sword in their armamentarium, which is titled "Riitiir". This blade will certainly cut your face!



Ivar Bjornson - guitar, keyboard
Arve Isdal - guitar
Grutle Kjellson - vocals, bass
Herbrand Larsen - keyboards, vocals
Cato Bekkevold - drums

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