ARCHIVE / Attick Demons


Attick Demons - confirmed for Metaldays

Time for old-school metal! ATTICK DEMONS care for a massive revival and distinction to old Iron Maiden masterpieces by using a new and modern kind of sound-concept. Hailing from Portugal, these fanatics give their blood for traditional heavy metal and know how to play it authentically, so it truly reminds you to be back in the early 80ties. With „Atlantis” these full-blooded metallers release a great opus of debut, tearing your true metal hearts and making your eyes watery by listening to it. Nevertheless ATTICK DEMONS are a young band in view of their career, but for the heavy metal culture in general they already belong to the big winners!


Joao Clemente - bass
Goncalo Pais - drums
Nuno Martin - guitars, keyboards
Hugo Monteiro - guitar
Luis Figueira - guitars
Artur Almeida - vocals

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