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Powerwolf - confirmed for Metaldays

The blood-addicted wolves of POWERWOLF, who definitely know to convince with deeply blackened melodic, heavy metal, crawl out of the darkest place owned by Nosferatu himself! The multinational horde cared with their latest opus “Blood Of The Saints” for a ruthless impact like a bomb on the holy world of the innocent souls. Singer Attila Dorn and his creatures of the night once gaian demonstrated their true power: Rapturing metal-hymns, vigorous melodies on the highest level of recognition and topics, that couldn’t be more creepy. When POWERWOLF perform on stage, they get into a kind of trance, full of darkest spirituality and love to heavy metal music. Become a part of this murderous circle at METALDAYS 2013!
Since their 2009 masterpiece, "Bible Of The Beast", POWERWOLF are said to be one of the most outstanding acts of today’s European heavy metal scene. "Bible Of The Beast's" entrance into the German charts upon its release strenghtened the band's status in Europe, so that the last unaware few realized that the pack around singer and master of ceremony, Attila Dorn, had outgrown the status of an underground band.

Infamous for their live shows, the wolves embarked on a tour soon after the release of "Bible Of The Beast", starting with highly acclaimed festival appearances (Summer Breeze, Bang Your Head, etc.), before playing a headlining tour in autumn. To give the growing crowd of followers more opportunities to attend the metal mass, POWERWOLF got a part of the Metal Fest tour in 2010,  before they crowned their touring activities with an acclaimed appearance as the headliner of the second stage at UK`s Bloodstock Festival.

In 2011 the wolves came back with their long awaited fourth album, "Blood Of The Saints". The album title itself was a sign that the wolves stayed true to themselves; once again the lyrical concept refered to biblical parables.

On the musical side, POWERWOLF tried to outdo themselves. On their previous albums, they experimented with an unusual cooperation with a classical conservatory, but for "Blood Of The Saints" they went even further. Besides using nothing less than five different studios and a church (where organist Falk Maria Schlegel performed his organ parts), they recorded the classical choir parts in a historical church from the 13th century. All these details contribute to the uniqueness of POWERWOLF's sound. And indeed, POWERWOLF succeed to achieve what many bands can only dream of; establishing their very own and unique style within the power metal scene.

Straight from the start, "Blood Of The Saints" demonstrated what POWERWOLF is all about: dark and epic Power Metal, with the characteristic voice of Attila Dorn and an almost shameless sense for catchy hits. The album has been crowned as "Power Metal album of the year" in Metal Hammer Germany and has been number one for two months on the reader's charts.


Attila Dorn - vocals
Matthew Greywolf - guitar
Charles Greywolf - guitar, bass
Falk Maria Schlegel - keyboard
Roel van Helden - drums
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