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Candlemass - confirmed for Metaldays

A dark, gloomy atmosphere covers the stage. The sound of deep-tuned guitar strings goes through your body. You enter a trance by the hypnotic drums, when vocals, singing the psalms for the dead, are taking you away. Are you doomed to join the CANDLEMASS on Metaldays 2013?

CANDLEMASS has had a long and very successful career. Inventors of DOOM in 1986 with the colossal “EPICUS DOOMICUS METALICUS”….worldwide breakthrough the year after with "NIGHTFALL”. The band disbanded in 1993 after eight years and six albums that today have reached a legendary status. In 2004 CANDLEMASS reformed with their classic line-up featuring the fearsome monk Messiah Marcolin. Again the band reached massive success! The white reunion album (2005) took the band to new levels of sales and fame! With “King of the Grey Islands (2007) and “Death Magic Doom” (2009) CANDLEMASS strengthen their reputation… owned the record of the month lists, played packed halls all over the world, and celebrated 25 years as a band more popular than ever!

The latest album “PSALMS FOR THE DEAD” was recorded at Bauman Audio Media (B.A.M.) studios during three weeks in December 2011. The band had been there two months earlier in October to record demos and try out new ideas, but since the Polar studio was not in operation anymore, CANDLEMASS regrouped at B.A.M. deep in the woods of Orminge, just outside Stockholm. Eleven songs were recorded in the first days. Nine for the actual album, + two more for a limited edition vinyl single (Sadness Runs Deep/Beneath the Fire).


Mats Levén - vocals
Lars "Lasse" Johansson - guitar
Mats "Mappe" Björkman - guitar
Leif Edling - bass
Jan "Janne" Lindh - drums
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