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Mayhem - confirmed for Metaldays

With MAYHEM we've got one of the pioneers of the black metal scene. After 25 years of chaos to be uphold, Attila and his unholy alliance rise up from the abyss to the alpine valley. Get ready for pure fucking armageddon!

MAYHEM are one of the survivors of the first wave of Norwegian Black Metal. Four full length studio albums and several EPs and compilations have been released since their foundation in 1984.

Today, after a series of events like church burnings, murder and suicide, and because of their controversal live performances, the band is a true legend in the Black Metal scene. This was also supported by several stories about the suicide of one of their previous vocalists: Dead.
It is said that guitar player Euronymous collected parts of Dead's skull and made necklaces from them, which Euronymous and Hellhammer wore as a tribute to Dead. In addition to that it is said that Euronymous took parts of Dead's brain, cooked them and ate them. Fact is that they took a photo of Dead after he had committed suicide and used it as cover for the live album  "Dawn Of The Black Hearts".



Necrobutcher - bass
Hellhammer - drums
Attila Csihar - vocals
Morfeus - guitar|live
Silmaeth - guitar|live
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